2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the OT loss in Colorado

David Quinn spoke after the Rangers OT loss to Colorado and said (NYR):

  • “we are obviously aware of the NBA decision, can’t speculate on what course of action will be taken by the NHL. Logistically we will stay here tonight and make a decision following the NHL update tomorrow morning. This is a very fluid situation with things constantly changing, don’t want to speculate on anything further at this time.”
  • On the OT loss, “just really proud of our guys with the way we battled. Obviously we had some guys that weren’t going on all cylinders tonight. Got off to a little bit of a sloppy start. After they went up 2-1 I thought we did some good things in the second period and carried it over to the third. Give them a ton of credit, that team has obviously suffered some injuries and I tip my cap to Jared and his staff and the way they competed, they made it very difficult for us. On the flip side, I liked the way we approached the situation and to get a goal at the end there, that point is huge this point in the season. To get 3 out of 4 in the first two games of the trip is a good sign for us.”
  • What do you say in the timeout at the end, “number one, we understand what we are supposed to do off the faceoff if we win it, but the key is, what are youg going to do if you lose it. You don’t want to lose zone time, we were talking about the routes off the zone time and run what we are trying to run in that situation.”
  • On Panarin and Mika going together earlier than normal, “I just felt that the way things were going and how certain guys were going, that it was our best opportunity to win a hockey game.”
  • On the PK, “obviously our PK has been struggling a bit and we have to pay a little bit more attention to details, but our PP didn’t do what they normal do either. That 5 on 3, you have to score and we had some great chances, missed some open nets. I think Ryan Strome will be talking to himself all night in his sleep but, listen, we are focused on the fact that we got a very valuable point and we start this trip off with 3 out of 4 is a great sign.”
  • Do you expect them to score at the very end, “we are confident and aren’t wavered by any adversity and that is a great sign for our team moving forward in the next 12 games.”
  • On the emotion of tying the game, “I think everything, the game, understanding, the point, everything. You talk about being focused on the game but when you tie it with 13 seconds to go you think, ‘great, we might get out of here with at least a point and now we have an opportunity to get two. I think you are initially excited for the goal and quickly thereafter you realize the impact of the point.”
  • On the penalty shot, “you sure do, Georgie made some big saves when he had to. That is a game changer right there and I imagine that if it goes in we are pretty deflated because we had some great scoring chances and weren’t able to capitalize on it. The fact that he is able to keep it 2-1 gives us hope.”