2020 Return To Play

What David Quinn said after the loss in Game 2

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the loss in Game 2 and said:

  • On Svechnikov, “He’s the whole package. A lot of skill, physical, quick, not a lot he can’t do and it’s why he was the second pick overall. He’s been one of the best players at every level he’s been at and is quickly emerging as one of the best players in this league, that is for sure.”
  • On being deflated with the two goals in the second, “without question, we got deflated after giving up those two goals in the first two-and-a-half minutes in the second. It changed the whole game, I liked our first period, we did a lot of the things we are going to need to do. We have been a mentally tough and resilient group and a two-goal deficit hasn’t bothered us at all in the last two-and-a-half months, but it certainly got in the way today. Give them credit, they are playing smart, experienced playoff hockey. Between now and tomorrow night we have to learn that we can’t keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Our lack of patience is killing us right now. Is it better than it was the other night, yea, it was, but we didn’t come here to get incrementally better, we came here to win hockey games and we aren’t doing enough. We need everyone in that room to be a little bit smarter, a little more patient, work a little harder, win more wall battles. All these things add up. We draw the first penalty because Phil Di Giueseppe wins a 50/50 puck battle off the faceoff, all those things add up. We did it for 20-minutes and then when we got down 3-1 you could just feel it on the bench and that is not a feeling we have had very often since the turn of the calendar.”
  • On Lundqvist and the goalie tomorrow, “I thought Hank was solid. Listen, we get one goal, we aren’t going to win scoring one goal. Certainly left him out to dry with the last two, for sure.” We haven’t decided internally what we are doing tomorrow.”
  • On the bottom six being out-worked, “I don’t think it was our bottom six forwards that have to be better, I think our top six forwards have to be better. If you are going to win, your best players need to be your best players and out play their best players. That is something we certainly have to have tomorrow night.”
  • Is Carolina taking you out of your game, “I think it might be a little bit of both. They are doing things that they have done to be successful, they are a really good hockey team, played in the Eastern Conference Finals. As I alluded to earlier, we are getting frustrated. There is no easy ice out there and we need to understand that and be consistently trying to earn our ice and they do a good job taking it away. I give them credit, you never want to take credit away, but I know we can be better and we have to be better in a hurry.”