2020 Draft Alexis Lafreniere

Ottawa says they won’t be trading #3 and #5 to try for #1

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyck said that the idea of the Sens trading #3 and #5 for the #1 overall from the Rangers is “nonsensical.” (Ottawa Sun)

There has been speculation since the Rangers won the #1 overall pick last week that teams may try to trade for it and allow the Rangers to move back and select a center.

Bruce Garrioch does write that there is an expectation that Montreal may try to take a run at #1, though the earliest pick they would have in the first round would be #16. (Ottawa Sun)


Adam Rotter: On paper it makes sense for Ottawa to trade #3 and #5 to the Rangers because the Senators could land not only their next franchise player, but a French Canadian one at that. In reality though, it doesn’t make sense for them or for anyone to pay the crazy price the Rangers would require. The teams mentioned as possibilities like Ottawa, and to some extent LA, are rebuilding and aren’t in a position to move multiple “A+” level assets for one player, even if that player is Alexis Lafreniere. Ottawa, which struggles to attract free agents and keep their own star players, needs to add players to team with Brady Tkachuk and Thomas Chabot, not subtract from it.

The type of trade the Rangers would accept for #1 from Ottawa (probably something like Tkachuk, #3 and two of Ottawa’s four second round picks, if not more) or LA (#2, Alex Turcotte and two second round picks, if not another piece) make no sense for those teams. Think about if the Rangers were Ottawa or LA. Would you move Kakko, #2 or #3 and more for Lafreniere? The Rangers wouldn’t do that, because like LA and Ottawa they are trying to build up the amount of talent they have, not subtract from it. Montreal, because of what Lafreniere would mean to the team and city is probably the only team that, on paper, would make a crazy offer for #1 but, again, the price the Rangers would require would subtract multiple young forwards off a team that needs to add scoring, not subtract. The Rangers won #1 overall, they will keep the pick and on Opening Night for the 2020-21, or just 2021 season, Alexis Lafreniere will step on to the ice in a Ranger jersey.