2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to the Isles

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to the Isles and said:

  • On the game and the Isles, “they are very good at what they do, very structured, well coached, they’ve got guys who understand how to win at this level, they don’t beat themselves and unfortunately for us, and it’s one game, we didn’t play fast enough, we didn’t use our speed to our advantage, every time we got a puck we stood and looked to see who we could make a pass to on the other side of the ice, that approach doesn’t work against anybody, let alone the Islanders. They were good, did a really good job in a lot of areas and we certainly weren’t good in many, if any at all, and we have to be quick learners because we play them Saturday and it might be a good lesson and reminder for a bunch of guys that probably don’t instinctively have it in their hockey DNA to play the way we needed to tonight. The good news for us is that a bunch of guys who were here last year did it for long stretches of time and we have to do that starting Saturday.”

  • On the rookies, “it’s a great learning lesson for a young player to play against a team like that, they epitomize what a pro is at this level. It’s not so much going out and making a great play, it’s playing smart hockey and sometimes when you come off from a shift and nothing happens, it’s a good shift. Unfortunately for us right now, after one night, is not how we want to approach it. I think it was a great lesson for those young players and both of those guys got better as the game went on. Shesty, the first goal was unfortunate, we were doing a decent job of killing the penalty and then it hit Foxy in the skate and went right to Lee and he put it in. We know Shesty is a real good goalie, he’ll get another crack at them at some point down the line, but I think it’s a great learning lesson for every player, not just the young players.”
  • On the first period, “we just weren’t prepared to play the right way from the get-go. We went back to doing some of the things we were doing in the bubble, cheating the game. There are no short cuts in this game, zero short cuts in this game and we were playing hope hockey. The blind passes to the middle rink, one of the things that you are going to have to do, certainly in an environment like this, with the ice the way it was, through the fault of nobody, just the fact that this ice hadn’t been skated on in so long, you just have to make 5-foot passes, get pucks behind people. We allowed them to get into position all night long because we just didn’t skate or make the proper plays to generate any offense. When you lose 4-0…there wasn’t a lot of good tonight, that is for sure.”
  • Was the lack of preseason games an issue for the rookies, “I don’t think it was the rookies that were the problem tonight, it was really everybody in a lot ways. They haven’t played a game in a while either, obviously they played a lot more hockey in the bubble than we did, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse. There is no reason for us to come out and approach the game…we didn’t play with the right intentions, you’ve got to play with the right intentions and we just didn’t do it.”
  • On playing without fans, “we knew were going to have fans and we all went through it in the bubble, but you walk down the bench and I looked at Jacques and said ‘you think you are prepare for this, but this is eerie. It really is odd when you walk on to the bench and there is no one in the building and you don’t hear a peep…but neither did the Islanders. We are all looking for reasons why and the Isles were playing under the same circumstances we were, so we certainly can’t lean on any of these things for a reason why we played the way we did. We have to have the mental toughness and intelligence to understand that we can’t do what we did tonight over and over again or it’s going to be a long year.”
  • On Alexis Lafreniere, “I thought he played with confidence, not intimidated by the big stage, he’s got swagger, which is a good thing. I just thought he did some good things as the night went on, it’s tough when we get behind like that and there weren’t a lot of feel good moments in the locker room or on the bench during the game, we just never got anything sustained. You see the skill he has and talent that he has but he also has all the other things you are going to need to be a great player.”