Chris Drury

The Penguins and their interest in Chris Drury (Updates)

2/3 | 3:15PM: Bob McKenzie tweets that Chris Drury has informed the Penguins that he isn’t interested in leaving “NYC or the Rangers at this time.”

Adam Rotter: And thus ends the confusing back and forth about Drury’s candidacy. The reports out of Pittsburgh never seemed like Drury was a major candidate or realistic for the Penguins, but this closes it officially. While Drury will be mentioned as a GM candidate for every opening that comes up, there are some around the league that believe he is committed to the Rangers and sticking around until the team is either fully on the upswing, or….until they win. Some think that Drury wants to stick with the Rangers to try and fulfill the goal he had when he signed with them as a player: to win the Stanley Cup. He wasn’t able to do it as a player, but he will have his fingerprints all over it if the Rangers are able to win while he is part of the front office. It’s all just speculation and maybe Drury has his eye on a specific job or location that could open up, but after withdrawing from the Florida GM search and not partaking in this one with Pitt, some people think Drury could be with the Rangers for a while.


2/2 | 3:16PM: The Rangers have granted Pittsburgh permission to speak with Drury, according to Frank Seravalli of TSN.

12:25PM: Drury won’t interview with the Penguins, according to The Athletic.

1/30 | 3PM: On Thursday, Pierre LeBrun mentioned Chris Drury as a potential candidate for the Penguins GM job that was opened on Wednesday when Jim Rutherford resigned. (TSN)

On Friday, Rob Rossi of The Athletic wrote that Chris Drury is believed to be on the Penguins shortlist to replace Rutherford, but that the Penguins didn’t believe they would receive permission from the Rangers to speak with Drury.

On Saturday, Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that while the Rangers have not yet been asked by Pittsburgh to speak with Drury, it is believed that they “would not stand in the way” of him speaking with the Penguins about their GM position.

Drury interviewed and was believed to be the front runner for the Panthers GM position this past offseason before he withdrew from consideration.

The Rangers, in 2017 with Buffalo and 2019 with Minnesota, prevented Drury from interviewing.

Adam Rotter: Drury is going to be mentioned for every open GM position until he has one. This with Pittsburgh though is unique: it’s in the middle of the season and where the Penguins are as a team. The Rangers showed this past offseason that they are comfortable letting Drury speak with teams, but that was in the offseason. Drury has a big role and responsibilities during the year, so it wouldn’t be a shock if they said “no,” but only because of timing. My wonder is why the Penguins, in such a “win-now” mode want to entrust their situation to someone not only from outside the Penguin family, but a first-time GM. It sure seems like the Rangers are going to lose Drury, if he wants to go, it will just be a matter of when. My guess though is that Drury would rather join an organization that is “starting over” and where he can fully put his stamp on things. Pittsburgh, with their core of players and rumors of ownership interference, wouldn’t be that.