2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to the Isles

David Quinn spoke on MSG after the Rangers loss to the Isles and said:

  • On the game, “I didn’t think we played fast enough offensively, really allowed them to stay in their structure, which they are very good at. Our PP, obviously you want to score, but you want to gain some momentum, we didn’t get much going. It’s 0-0 going to the third, we had some great chances in the third before they made it 1-0 and we just couldn’t capitalize. It was a tight game in a lot of ways, not much going on both sides of it and they took advantage of their chances.”

  • On the Isles second goal, “It was a 1 on 4 and we just did not play it well. Clutterbuck is in the corner and we vacate the middle and our backchecker stops backchecking. Sometimes…I think we had 4 on 2 and everyone assumes someone else is going to do something. It was a poor read, unfortunate. When Clutterbuck takes the puck down the right wing, you just let him go, hold the middle and let everyone get set. There was just confusion in general it looked like, we had too many guys with a chance to do something and no one did anything. It puts the game in a tough position when you give up two at that juncture with how the game was unfolding.”
  • Is Varlamov the main reason you didn’t score, “when a goalie throws a shutout at you, he’s a big reason why it happens. They defended well, stayed in their structure for most of the night and we just didn’t get inside enough. In the third we started to do some of the things we are going to have to do to create some chances and we had some great chances, those two jump out at me, Kaapo’s jumps out at me, Bitetto jumps out at me. We had our best Grade A chances in the third period and against that team you are going to have to generate more Grade As than that. When your top players get the chances we had, usually they bury them. Varlamov is a great goalie and we’ve had a hard time solving him.”
  • On managing the puck, “I thought we did a pretty good job managing the puck, but when we had to get pucks behind them, I thought their goalie handled it too often and that is usually the result of the fact that you don’t have people coming to the puck through the neutral zone, to chip to space. They do a good job, have people above you and you are going to have people coming over to help the guy with the puck. I thought too often we left him on a little bit of an Island and allowed them to counter us and come out of their end too easily.”
  • Are there positives from tonight or is the focus on how it got away, “probably a little bit of both, there are good things to draw from, but also things we have to learn from as well. The good thing is that we get to play in another 48-hours.”
  • On the Isles fourth line, “they have an impact in every game they play, they are no-nonsense players, they play a straight line game, in a game that is getting less physical, they bring an element of physicality to the game shift in and out. Those players are few and far between in this day and age. They have an element that a lot of teams don’t have and that line brings an element that influences the game night in and out.”
  • Do you sense Mika’s frustration, “you can see it on his face and see it in general.”
  • Was it nice to have success on faceoffs, “it is, now we have to sustain it. You aren’t going to go 61% all the time, but to be in the battles the way we were, our centers were bearing down a little bit more, our flanks were doing a much better job, overall, a much better night at the faceoff circle.”