2020-21 Rangers

Alex Georgiev to start against Boston

5:20PM: Quinn said on Tuesday (NYR):

  • On Georgiev starting tomorrow, “It was predetermined, Alex was going to play regardless of what happened with Shesty, whether we won or lost. Georgie has looked good, looks like he is dialed in and ready to go, he’s anxious to get back in there. It’s been a little while, I know he is looking forward to getting back in the net and we are looking forward to having him in the net.”

  • On the PP and maybe putting K’Andre on the second unit, “that is something we have talked about. Usually when your PP is struggling it might be a microcosm of some of the guys that are on it not playing well 5 on 5 or struggling 5 on 5, I think there is a little bit of carryover there. I think there is also a frustration level that happens on a PP, when you get highly skilled guys, sometimes they change their approach and they play ‘power play’ instead of hockey within a power play and I think that is kind of happening to us right now, too methodical, too slow, too predictable and we are overthinking it. There will be some changes tomorrow night and as much as you can move personnel around, there has to be more of a pace and work ethic to our PP overall.”
  • On getting better defensively, but not putting up as much offense, “we don’t have to sacrifice offense to play good defense, that is something we touched on today and I think our approach offensively has to be a little grittier, we gotta be a little harder offensively and it’s been a problem, since I’ve been here, that we too often rely on our skill and don’t combine it with a straightforward approach and a little bit of sandpaper to our game offensively. You can sit here and talk about having all the skill you want, but if you don’t go to the inside or go to the net consistently you are not going to reward yourself because let people own the middle of the rink. I don’t care how skilled you are, you are not going to generate offense that way. Part of it is our approach, we need to redefine it a little bit, we gotta, and we’ve talked about this for a while, we gotta be a little bit more simplistic to our approach offensively, which will allow our skill to influence the game.”
  • On Libor Hajek, “I liked his game last night, I think he moves well, plays hard, has got stick and puck skills, it’s been a tough two-years for him with the injuries, it put him a little behind the eight ball, other guys have had an opportunity and run with it and I think he’s had two pretty good games. I like the direction his game is going.”
  • Is there an adjustment from DeAngelo to Fox on the PP, “not really, Foxy and Tony bring similar qualities to that PP. Both of them aren’t heavy shooters, have good patience, can slow it down, maybe to a detriment on the PP and both of them have great hockey IQ, so they are similar in their approach. I don’t think that has been much of an issue, I thought that early on, for 7-10 days, that that PP with Foxy on it was very good and it was good even though they may not have been scoring. Lately we haven’t been scoring or looking good on it, we have deteriorated a bit on it from that end of it.”
  • On Julien Gauthier, “I thought his game was better last night. There is always a path for a player to get more ice time based on how they play. We spent a lot of time with him here, going over the things he’s going to need to do consistently. It’s always hard for a guy who has scored his whole life to maybe accept a different role at this level. I think Julien is going through that right now, I think he can score at this level, how much is yet to be determined, but I thought he took a step forward last night.”
  • Are you going to rotate the goalies going forward, “It’s all based on how they play right now. With all that happened in the last 10 days and Shesty kind of playing well, it did alter the plan a little bit but we will see how it goes game to game right now. As I said when we decided to do it, I didn’t know how long it was going to happen, I didn’t anticipate it only happening for two games, but some things happened unexpectedly and you adapt to it. We have faith in both of these guys and if Georgie plays well he will play more often.”
  • How has Georgiev handled things after his altercation, “I think he’s handled it well, we’ve all moved past what happened, it’s over a week now and our guys are in a good spot and he’s in a good spot, he’s looked good in practice and it’s important for him to get in the net for a variety of reasons, we are going to need him, one and two he wants to play. It will help to continue to move forward, but I think he’s pretty much moved forward anyway, but it will be good to get him back in, because we are going to need him.”

2:22PM: David Quinn confirmed that Alex Georgiev will start for the Rangers on Wednesday against Boston. (NYR)


Georgiev has not played since January 30th, the night of his altercation with Tony DeAngelo.

From the Rangers Game Notes, “Alexandar Georgiev is expected to start tomorrow’s game. Georgiev, who turns 25 years old tomorrow, has played in a game on his birthday once in his NHL career; he stopped 55 of 56 shots and earned a win on Feb. 10, 2019 vs. Toronto.”