Tony DeAngelo

The latest on Tony DeAngelo’s situation

7:55PM: On NBCSN, Bob McKenzie was asked if the Rangers were any closer to a resolution to the Tony DeAngelo situation and said, “the short answer is no and that is not to be confused with teams not having interest, there are teams that are continuing to have dialogue not only with the Rangers, but with DeAngelo’s LA based agent Pat Brisson to try and facilitate something.”

He adds, “the sense I get is that maybe the slow play is the best play for some of the teams interested in DeAngelo and that the longer they wait and the longer the Rangers wait turns down the temperature on what has been a pretty hot and volatile issue anytime DeAngelo’s name has been mentioned. Nothing to report at this moment in time other than teams continue talk and I wouldn’t be surprised, if at some point, DeAngelo is traded, but that point doesn’t appear to be right now.”


Larry Brooks wrote over the weekend in the NY Post that there is “no movement” in DeAngelo trade talks and that the interest that was there has “dried up.”

Brooks writes that the supposed reason why the interest has dried up is because of a fear of “fan backlash” that would occur from the acquiring team’s fans. (NY Post)

Nick Kypreos said earlier today on his radio show, “a lot of people doubted whether they could trade him or not. Early, we knew of multiple teams that had interest in Tony DeAngelo and I had heard that many of them were ready to pull the trigger and then what happened was a few people stepped in at various ownership levels and squashed it, if for no other reason, they were worried about the backlash.”

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