2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Boston

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to Boston and said (NHL Media):

  • Was this more on you or Boston raising their game, “In the first period I thought they certainly upped the ante, but we continued to do the things we were doing the night before, maybe not to the level that we were, but I liked our first period. I thought the backbreaker was the second goal, I thought it really took the wind out of our sails. I thought the second half of the first period we started coming and doing some of the things we were gonna need to do and withstood their push early and then after that, they were just the better team, they really were.”
  • How much did you consider taking Georgiev out after he was cut, “I was told he was okay, so we kept him in. Rammer worked on him and he seemed fine. Then the NHL kinda buzzed down and said they wanted to look at his head, you get hit in the head, so, and then after the first period he was fine, just like he was before the game.”