2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over NJ

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the win over NJ and said:

  • On dictating the pace, “we certainly did a much better job of that tonight than we did the other night, I really liked the way we started, a really good first period for the first time against them. They made it 2-2, I loved how we responded to that and I liked how we played a smart third period.”

  • On winning three in a row, “you win three in a row and feel good about yourself, feel good about how this game went. Kind of felt fortunate after the start we had two nights ago against Jersey, but, if you are gonna have a chance you have to string together wins, go on some sort of streak or run and we really hadn’t done that to this point, first time we have won three in a row. We are creeping up on the halfway point of the season, our guys realize what is in front of us and with each passing day and you want to continue to gain momentum and move forward, hopefully we can get a couple of more guys back and play close to full strength, a lot of teams aren’t doing it this year, but we have done a pretty good job managing some adversity and we gotta keep moving forward and build on what we did today.”
  • On seeing how the kids are developing, “just how quickly how they’ve adapted. Give these kids a lot of credit, it’s not easy to develop in the NHL, this isn’t a league where you develop, but we’ve been in a position where kids have developed over the last few years, and more are developing, it’s a difficult thing, because part of developing is having success, especially when you are a forward you want to have statistical success, because at the end of the day that is how these guys judge themselves, by goals and assists, and as a coach you can tell a kid ‘you are doing a lot of good things,’ ‘yea, but I’ve got two goals and one assist in 15 games.’ It’s a dramatic change in their hockey life, how they are judged and the success that they usually have, it comes to an abrupt halt and you have to be mentally tough to handle it and these kids have done a good job of that.”
  • On Chytil and Kakko, “There was certainly more flashes of his speed and the things he can do offensively, pushing people back and generating offense. He’s still finding his way with the injury he had. I thought Kaapo had a pretty good night for a guy that has been out for a while and playing as many minutes as he did, I thought he was pretty effective.”
  • Is there any issue Mika, “No issue with Mika, he feels pretty good, it was just that he caught a rut, got a little stung there.”
  • On the goalie for tomorrow, “not sure yet on the goalie, we are going back and forth. That is something we will decide tomorrow morning.”
  • Is Igor making the trip, “Igor is making the trip, he won’t be in net tomorrow. It will be Kinkaid or Georgie.”
  • On Jacob Trouba, “he is very close to playing, he is coming on the trip and I will be stunned if we don’t see him on the trip.”
  • On Julien Gauthier’s ice time, “it was one of those, with some penalties, he had to get X-rays, that is why he didn’t play, it had nothing to do with his play, he was playing well, we lost him for about 7-8 minutes and he’s fine health-wise, just a precaution.”