2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Washington

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to Washington and said (NHL Media):

  • On the lack of offensive zone time early in the second, “I just didn’t think we were sharp during the second period, we had some PPs that we kinda didn’t get a lot from and then, I just thought that our inability to shoot pucks and get pucks on net, I thought there were chances where we might have been able to sustain some zone time and maybe create some offense, but I just thought we were looking for the perfect play and if you do that against that team you are going to spend less time in the offensive zone and I thought that was a big problem in the second period.”

  • On being back behind the bench and having Knoblauch there, “It was good, Kris has done a great job and he and I have a good relationship. We talk, obviously our systems are the same as in Hartford and we have good conversations during the course of the season. It was good to have him here, obviously he’s been here for the last six games, so with me getting here this morning and him being on the bench and David Oliver not being able to come yet, we thought it was the right thing to do. It was good to have him, he did a good job.”
  • On Blackwell and the bottom-six, “Two goals is good for anybody and when you have four lines that have a chance to contribute, you have a much better chance to win. That line kept it simple, I thought they had a pretty good night overall. It was good to see Laffy get a goal, I thought that line struggled a little bit early in the night, but I thought they played better down the stretch. It was good to see Blackie get a couple of goals, but it just wasn’t enough.”
  • On Alexis Lafreniere, “He and I talked before the last Philly game, you can see that he’s frustrated and this is a hard league to step into under these circumstances and it’s hard enough when you have a one-week training camp, you don’t have any exhibition games and you have to hit the ground running and it’s a really strange year and it’s a hard year for rookies and you can see that he’s getting frustrated. To me it’s a mental aspect of what he’s going through and we just gotta help him through it.”
  • On the goalie situation right now, “You just gotta go game by game. It’s not easy for anybody, we did think we were out of this predicament, but Covid had a different plan for this year. The guy that is playing the best will play. The thing is, a lot of teams have three goalies now because of the taxi squad and unique situation we are in right now, but we’ve obviously have had three that have played. It is different, I think we did learn some lessons last year in managing three goalies, but really, the simplicity of it all is that the guy that gives you the best chance to win will play.”
  • Why was it Kinkaid over Georgiev, “After talking to Benny and evaluating the whole situation, we felt Kinkaid played really well last time we were here and he’s been playing well, as has Georgie. It wasn’t an easy decision. A lot of our decisions, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s not like they are 100%, you go back and forth and you make an argument either way, which is what we did, whether to play Kinkaid or Georgie and at the end of the day we decided to play Kinkaid.”