2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Buffalo

David Quinn spoke after the win over the Sabres and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • On what he needs to see to play the bottom-six and young players more, “I thought early on they got hemmed in their end quite a bit, I didn’t think they were responsible defensively, but I thought they played better in the second and third. We are in a position where it’s all about winning and we want to win hockey games and that is kind of where we are at, we need everybody playing in all three zones if we are going to have a chance night in and out.”

  • On Ryan Strome, “Strome has had a really good year and I know that everyone talks about the fact that he plays with Bread, but you look at his numbers when Bread was out, he still played really well and was productive and I’m really happy for him because ever since he got here he has been a good player for us and continues to improve and he’s meant an awful lot to us and he means an awful lot to us right now and we are very fortunate to have him.”
  • On the game going to OT, “It’s a kick in the ass when you give up a goal with three seconds to go and play the way we did in the second and third period, but we were able to pull ourselves together and we got two points and really at the end of the day that is what it’s all about, we are playing in the NHL and we want to win hockey games. We found a way to get two points tonight, this team has been playing well, playing hard, they took three out of four points from Philly, I watched their games against Boston, they could have easily won those games. I know what their record is, but you still have guys that are NHL players that make it hard for you and I was really impressed with how we played in the second and third, I still think we turned down way too many shots, even though we had 47 of them, I thought there could have been a lot more, we still gotta create more of a shooting mentality. We found a way to win and get two points, which at the end of the day, when you are this deep in the season, that is all that matters.”
  • On Igor Shesterkin, “We are gonna ride anybody that gives us a chance to win and if he keeps playing the way he is, we will ride him, it’s that simple, there really is no other way to look at it, he’s played very well lately and he’s earning opportunities to play again.”
  • Are you concerned with the confidence of the young guys with them seeing limited shifts, “No, they’ve gotta find a way to continue to have confidence and play well, the best way to create confidence for yourself is to have good shifts and I thought in the second and third period there were some good shifts and we’ve gotta continue to move forward with them and continue to get better and that is what they have to do. I know people talk about the young players and development and all those things, but it’s the NHL and right now we sit here three points out of a playoff spot. They will be part of it, they are part of it, they had a huge goal tonight and I know everyone looks at the minutes and make a big deal out of that, but not everybody is going to get the minutes that everybody wants them to have, there are just not enough minutes in the game and that is just the way it is.”
  • What did you see when Shesterkin was run into, “I saw a guy that was ready to stop any puck that was shot at him, so I wasn’t too worried about it.”
  • On the kind of shots the Rangers had tonight, “I thought that as the game went on we did a better job of getting inside and shooting more pucks, but there is still another level for us to get to, but I was happy with the way we did a better job of getting more pucks to the net and keeping it a little bit more simplistic when you do that you get people turned around and have a chance to create more offense off of that, so that is something we will continue to work on.”