2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the Rangers win over NJ

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers win over NJ and said (MSG, NHL Media):

  • How important was Shesterkin, “very important, I mean, if you are going to have success at any point in time your goalie needs to be good and unfortunately, it was a period that we needed to find a way to get through it, and we did, and really liked the way went about our third period, thought we did a lot of good things in the third and kind of turned the switch a little bit.”

  • What changed in the third period, “I thought we played a lot differently and for the first time all year I didn’t go in between periods, Trouba kind of took over and maybe that is our new recipe in-between periods, me staying out of the locker room. I just thought that we really made a commitment to playing winning hockey in the third period, respected the game, respected our opponent. I know that people look at Buffalo and NJ and everybody in hockey counts them as wins, but boy they make it hard on you and it was a hard game tonight for us. I got here a little late because I’m watching the Bruins and Buffalo in OT, Buffalo beats Philly. These aren’t going to be easy games for anybody and people are going to make a big, big mistake in our profession and the media if they don’t look at the Buffalo and Jersey games down the stretch for the teams that are playing them and think that it’s an automatic two points, that is not how this is gonna work and you better be ready to play regardless of who you are playing, in particular, these two teams because they play hard, they are well coached, play hard, got a bunch of guys on their roster trying to prove themselves and they are going to make it very difficult for teams and I really believe that how the teams that are in the playoff battles approach the games against Buffalo and Jersey are gonna go a long way in determining who makes the playoffs.”
  • What is it about Shesterkin, “he’s just calm, knows where the net is, doesn’t waste a lot of energy, is competitive. That is why he has had so much success at every level.”
  • What has Panarin meant to you, “he’s a special player and everybody watches it and at key times he makes key plays and there are not a lot of players in this league that can do what he does. He’s got incredible hockey IQ, has great hockey strength, that is something I talk about a lot with him, people don’t recognize how hockey strong he is, strong hands and he has an infectious personality and when a guy like that, a superstar, has that type of personality it runs through the locker room and up and down the roster.”
  • On Kravtsov moving from line to line, “Obviously early on Kreids had the fight and it got us an opportunity to move him around a little bit, even Laffy up there, and then I kind of liked what I saw with Bread and Stromer, but I thought Blackie was playing well so I put Blackie back there for the third and I think maybe we have better balance when Blackie stays on that line and Kravy plays with Howden and Rooney.”