2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Buffalo

David Quinn met with the media following the win over Buffalo and said (MSG):

  • On Brendan Smith, “Smitty has meant a lot to us for a long time, I thought that might have been his best game of the year, I thought he did so many things for us at key times, obviously the goal is huge, he draws a penalty, but just his overall game, I just really liked. He means so much to us on and off the ice, he’s a personality, a leader, and just really happy for him the way things went for him.”

  • On the mindset of the team now, “It’s the old sports cliche, we’ve just gotta be ready to win a hockey game on Thursday and that is all we can manage and focus on and that is all that matters. We are still playing meaningful hockey, we have a chance and we just have to make sure we are ready to go against the Islanders on Thursday night and that is all it comes down to. One of the things that I’m so proud of our group with is that we talked about the games against the Devils and the Sabres and how important they were for, not just us, but everybody competing for a playoff spot. These are two teams that are out of the playoffs and made some decisions at the trade deadline to trade some key players and these game are going to determine who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t and the fact that we went 6-0 against the Devils and Buffalo is no small feat. It’s the NHL, it’s not easy to beat teams and we are such an effort driven sport, this team competes hard, have good players, well-coached, Donnie has done a hell of a job with them since he’s taken over, they are very difficult to play against and they are going to cause trouble for the people that they are going to see in the last ten days of the season.”
  • What were you thinking in the first period, “They were playing faster than we were and this game can be simple in a lot of ways, which makes it difficult, they were just skating faster than we were, there is no other answer to what happened in the first period. The second was much better for us, a real kick in the ass to give up that goal at the end of the period, just some sloppy penalty killing, which is uncharacteristic of us, but I thought our guys…you play back to back and you win the first one the way we did and human nature kicks in, I don’t care what is at stake, they were the hungrier team to start the game and we were fortunate to get out of it 0-0.”
  • On putting Lafreniere with Strome and Panarin that led to the goal, “We were a little out of sync with our lines because the PP went so long and those guys were in the zone so long so we kind of had a little juggling of the lines and it seemed like the right fit and every know and then the coach makes a good decision.”
  • On Alexis Lafreniere, “it was important he scored that goal because of the circumstances. He’s really played well lately, he’s been playing well for a month now and I know people are making a big deal about what his stats were earlier in the year and he just played his 50th game and in a normal season he’d have 32 more games to go, playing the way he is, on the line he is, and he’s got 10 goals. He’s having a really good rookie year, no training camp, no exhibition games, it’s hard for these young players to get acclimated to the NHL and if he had a three-week training camp and six exhibition game, the beginning of the season might have been a little bit different, but I think it speaks to his commitment, coachability, his love for the game and that is the thing that really jumps out at you when you coach him, how much he loves hockey and what an infectious personality he has on top of all the talent he has.”
  • On the next two against the Isles, “with the crowd situation, it’s a little different, but I don’t want to be redundant and boring with my answers, we just have to be ready to go against the Islanders on Thursday and be ready to win a hockey game and do the things we need to do to be successful against them. They are a really good team, well-coached, we have great games with them, other than the last one we played and we’ve gotta be ready to go.”