2020-21 Rangers Tom Wilson Situation

Tom Wilson fined $5,000 for roughing Pavel Buchnevich

2:06PM: David Quinn was asked about Wilson being fined and if it was fair punishment and said, “not at all, to me anybody in hockey, certainly everybody in our organization is disappointed, certainly thought it warranted a suspension, we are just really disappointed. A line was crossed, a guy didn’t have his helmet on, vulnerable, he got hurt, to me there was an awful lot there to suspend him.”

10:51AM: The NHL has announced that Tom Wilson has been fined $5,000 for roughing against Pavel Buchnevich.

$5,000 is the maximum allowable fine under the CBA.


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Wilson was given two minor penalties for roughing and a ten minute misconduct, but the NHL’s official record shows that the roughing penalties were against Artemi Panarin.

Brendan Dillon and Pavel Buchnevich were going coincidental roughing penalties against each other.

Adam Rotter: This isn’t surprising from the NHL, it just isn’t. This fine is because he punched Buchnevich, not because he slammed Panarin to the ice twice. The league must view this as Panarin initiating the altercation with Wilson and that the 14 minutes in penalties he was given, for slamming him to the ice, were enough punishment. Panarin did jump on Wilson, who was punching a down on the ice Ryan Strome, but it was only to pull him off a teammate, not to get into any sort of altercation.

That, to me, is the main reason why he isn’t suspended, because Panarin started it. I don’t agree with it and I think that throwing someone to the ice, twice, and punching them, star player or not, deserves more than 14 minutes in penalties and a chance to return to the game. He should have been given a game misconduct at the very least, but I also think that his history and reputation have to be taken into account for this. Even if the league views this as one of 3-4 tussles going on at the time, this was the one that went the furthest, this is the one that could have seriously injured a player.