2020-21 Rangers Tom Wilson Situation

What David Quinn said on Tuesday

David Quinn met with the media following practice today and said (NYR):

On responding to Wilson and holding him accountable, “We’ve talked about it as a team this morning, it’s something that we talked about, the fact is that we have to protect each other, we’ve gotta stick by each other, which I thought we did last night. There are different ways to do it, the way we are built, it’s not going to be a brawling situation for sure, that being said we can play hard and protect each other and that is what we have to to do.”


Do you think the punishment is fair, “not at all, to me anybody in hockey, certainly everybody in our organization is disappointed, certainly thought it warranted a suspension, we are just really disappointed. A line was crossed, a guy didn’t have his helmet on, vulnerable, he got hurt, to me there was an awful lot there to suspend him.”

Is Panarin out for the rest of this season and his injury, “it was from last night’s incident and he is done for the season.”

Is it frustrating not to have an enforcer, “I mean, we’d love to have it, it’s just those guys are few and far between, the league is certainly going in a direction where there aren’t a lot of those guys that are in the league and it’s just part of the situation that we are in. I’m not frustrated by it, it’s what we are, it’s who we are, it’s what we have and we are going to have to manage it.”

Lineup for tomorrow and updates on Kreider, Lindgren, Trouba, “Kreider is day-to-day, all the other guys are done for the year. Still trying to figure out what our lineup is going to look like tomorrow night.”

Are you anticipating a call up and would you like someone like Mason Geertsen called up to respond, “I know how we are going to respond, I’m comfortable with how we’re gonna respond. As far as a call up goes we’ve talked about a lot of different scenarios.”

On Panarin’s season overall, “You are talking about a guy who, as of a week ago, one of the top point per game players in the league, he’s third in the league or fourth and he had another phenomenal year, he just continues to produce offense, he’s a threat every time he is on the ice and he makes everybody around him better.”