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Chris Drury will be President and GM of the Rangers

5:32PM: The Rangers have confirmed that Drury has been promoted to President and GM and that Glen Sather will assist during the transition.

4:48 PM: Darren Dreger said on TSN 1050 that Drury will be President and GM on a permanent basis.

4:13PM: Elliotte Friedman said on the NHL Network, “Chris Drury will be the President and GM of the Rangers. I’m not 100% sure on the President title and what the exact wording is, but he will be the GM of the Rangers. He’s had numerous opportunities to go elsewhere, Minnesota wanted to talk to him, Buffalo, NJ and he always said no and I think that in the long-term he wanted to eventually be the GM and the Rangers and he will be. I’m sure they will add some staff around him at some point in time, but he’s going to be the President and GM of the team.”


3:12PM: Chris Drury will replace BOTH John Davidson and Jeff Gorton and become the next President and GM of the Rangers. (Elliotte Friedman)

Glen Sather held the dual role of President and GM for his time with the Rangers from 2000 to 2015.

Drury has been with the Rangers since 2015, became Assistant GM in 2016-17, and was promoted to Associate GM earlier this season.

3:12PM: Adam Rotter: Drury is the logical choice to be GM and he has turned down offers in the past to remain with the Rangers. There have been reports in the past that he could have been the Penguins, Panthers or Sabres GM when those jobs were open and so his promotion to that position makes sense. He’s been part of every step of this rebuild so he’s very familiar with the players, prospects and what this team has and doesn’t have.

In terms of Drury also being the President, it really depends on what each role actually is. There was no one more qualified to be President and follow Glen Sather than John Davidson, so anyone else will be a step down. Sather held both roles for a long time, but he had also been GM and a league executive for more than a decade prior to joining the Rangers. Sather is 77 and while Lou Lamoriello is 78 and still running the Isles, there is no indication that Sather will have any other role than his current one of Special Advisor to James Dolan.

As for what Drury will or might do, his first decision is on David Quinn. Drury and Quinn have a long history and Drury played a big role in why David Quinn became the head coach of the Rangers. Does that mean anything one way or another, probably not, it comes down to whether Drury, and/or James Dolan, believe Quinn is the right guy to lead things.

Since Drury has only been with the Rangers we don’t have any idea of possible connections for the rest of his hockey department. I’d guess that he’d like someone with experience to either be VP of Hockey Ops or Assistant GM, but I don’t know who that person is.