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What Chris Drury and Glen Sather said on Thursday

6:36PM: Drury was a guest on The Michael Kay show at 5:30PM and what he said is below.

1:38PM: Rangers President and GM Chris Drury and Senior Advisor Glen Sather met with the media on Thursday morning and said (NYR):

  • What are your emotions like, (Drury) “It certainly was a whirlwind 24-hours, not something I expected. It was an honor and pleasure to work with JD for the last two-years, I grew up in Connecticut on ‘Oh Baby’ so it was great to get to know him and work with him and learn a lot from him. Jeff Gorton, I really can’t say enough good things about him, the kind of person he is, what he did for me and my career, I never met him before I came back to interview for the player development job and since then he’s taken me under his wing every step of the way. He’s a great man and a terrific, terrific GM and I’m sure he’s going to land on his feet very soon.”


  • On where the rebuild is going, (Drury) “For me, I don’t think it’s anything too drastic. I really believe in what we’ve accomplished since the letter, what we were able to do not only in adding young assets and making some key trades and signing a marquee free agent in The Breadman, so I do think we have a lot of good pieces, it’s an exciting time for the organization and just like every organization does when the season ends, we are going to take a look at everything and do what we can to take the next step and make ourselves a playoff team.”
  • What have you identified as a need to take the next step, (Drury) “Like I said, it’s been a whirlwind 24-hours, I have a lot of thoughts and things I’m looking forward to accomplish with this team. We have a lot of good assets, we are going to look at everything and how best to take the next step forward. At this time right now I’m probably not ready to dive into too many specifics.”
  • On being both President and GM, (Sather) “I think in some respects it’s actually easier because you are more involved in everything, in every detail and every decision, you are the guy who has to account for it and it’s your responsibility to lead the team and guide the team and also take care of the scouting process with all the people we have around the world scouting and try to bring talent in. Chris is in a position where he’s been involved with every part of the organization so far, he was a great player in the NHL and I think he’s going to be terrific in this job.”
  • How would you evaluate David Quinn, (Drury) “It’s been, I keep using the same word, whirlwind 24-hours and I’m certainly not going to sit here and talk about anyone’s job status in the organization publicly. I know it’s been a wild year since we started, its been well documented everything the team has gone through on and off the ice. We are going to take a look at every aspect of the organization when things end and start that process next week.”
  • On the state of the rebuild, (Sather) “I think the organization is built very well in a lot of areas and once we sit down and start to talk to some of the people in the organization and listen to what Chris has to say and the direction the team is going to go in then we will make some decisions next week.”
  • On the positions he has to hire, (Drury) “We are definitely going to need to fill some spots. A little bit got started last night in my head and that will continue over this weekend and into next week for sure.”
  • On your conversations with Sather/Dolan and was this position ever talked about, (Drury) “I’m not going to get into personal details about conversations with Glen and Mr. Dolan and myself and, no, there were absolutely no promises made at any point.”
  • What is job number one for you, (Drury) “Right after this zoom and I’m going to Marlboro to cheer on the Wolf Pack, we have a big division game today with the Providence Bruins and if we win in regulation we win the division. So that is what is happening next and after that it’s going to be a deep dive into a lot of different things and be a lot of work for a lot of people in the organization and I know I have a lot of help in Glen and a lot of people back in Tarrytown and looking forward to getting after it.”
  • Can you clarify if any of this had to do with Tom Wilson statement, (Sather) “I’ll clarify that, it’s an easy answer, it had nothing to do with it, absolutely nothing.”
  • On his time on the bench this season, (Drury) “It was an exciting six games. I hadn’t been on an NHL bench since 2011 and to get on the bench and be that close and hear and see things from that angle after being on the 10th floor for six-plus years was exciting and definitely could learn a lot. Also, the added benefit of it was our Hartford coaches were there with me and I got to work with them in a way I hadn’t previously. Overall it was a real good experience and glad I got to do it.”
  • Where are you in terms of your readiness for this job, (Drury) “There is no doubt in my mind, I know I’m ready and in all honesty I owe that to Jeff Gorton. From the minute I got hired in development, like I said, he put his arm around me and had me in every meeting whether it was with Mr. Dolan or amateur scouting meetings. I was everywhere and was fortunate to learn from him and without question I’m here today because of how he treated me and helped me these last six-years.”
  • Do you agree with the narrative that the team needs more grit and toughness, (Sather) “You look at the lineup that was playing Washington last night and I was particularly proud the way they reacted, they all stuck together, worked hard, defended each other and that is part of the whole team building process that young guys have to go through. I talked to some of these kids after the game last night in the dressing room and asked if they’ve ever been involved or seen anything like that before and virtually every one of them shook their head. I, particularly, from the teams I’ve been involved with, you need a certain element of being able to defend your players and it has to come from within the team, the team has to have a feeling for each other and care for each other and support each other and they certainly did that last night.”
  • Were the expectations to make the playoffs, (Drury) “I don’t think that was the expectation or mandate. Throughout all the ups and downs of this shortened season, with the coaches getting Covid, players in and out of the lineup, our youth, I think overall we had some very good, positive growing moments. Now it’s definitely time to take the next step and turn those moments and our collective group of players into a team.”
  • On recalling players from Hartford, (Drury) “We already did call them up, you’ll see it shortly. We have a hearing later today for Buchnevich, Gauthier is done for the season and we have another guy that aggravated something last night that might not be available, so Gettinger, Richards and Brodzinski are up.”
  • Is the belief that you should be a playoff team next year, (Drury) “I don’t know if there is a set timeline where I’m going to say or consider the rebuild is over, we are looking deep into everything in the organization to put ourselves in the best spot next October to get off to a great start and push towards making the playoffs.”
  • On the fans who want the rebuild to continue, (Drury) “I don’t think we are doing anything too drastic, time will tell, people will be excited with the steps we take and moves we make to keep moving this organization along in the right direction.”
  • On his relationship with Dolan, (Sather) “I’ve said since the beginning when I got the responsibility of being an advisor and alternate governor that I would be available to anybody within the organization that I can help. That is exactly what I’ve been trying to do, make the team better and if Jim asked me a question I gave him an honest answer the same as I did with Jeff or JD or Chris, now. I’m not there to tell anybody what to do, I’m there to help them make a decision or counsel them to look somewhere else for an answer. I’ve been around this league for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of certain things that I like and that I don’t like and that I have an opinion on and when someone asks me I’ll share it with them.”
  • The plan for sure is for you to be President and GM and you will hire people to work under you, (Drury) “You got it right. I just wanted to say thank you to Jim Dolan for this opportunity. Like I mentioned before, I grew up a Ranger fan in Connecticut, it was a lifelong dream to be able to play for the Rangers and to be back in player development and assistant manager and now to have these roles, it’s a huge honor and thrill and to all the Ranger fans out there. I obviously take this very, very, very seriously and my goal is to bring a Cup to MSG, period.”

Chris Drury was a guest on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio at 5:30PM and said:

  • Is this bittersweet, “it’s been a weird 24-hours for sure, the joy and thrill of getting these two jobs and getting to do it in a place I’ve wanted to work at and play at since I was a little kid is certainly a major opportunity and an honor. I’ve spent six years with Jeff Gorton and two with John Davidson and it’s hard, but I think we all know what we sign up for in pro sports, but there was definitely with some hard moments yesterday.”
  • Are you staying the course with what the team has done, “yes, absolutely. There isn’t going to be any pull the plug and move guys out and move guys in, we are looking strategically at pieces where we can, we’ve collected a lot of really good assets and some really good players at various levels and ages in their career. We are looking to add some key pieces, not a major overhaul and take the next step with the organization.”
  • Did Dolan tell you why he let go of JD and Gorton, “No, I appreciate the question but I certainly don’t want to get into any private conversations I had with Jim and I”ll leave it at that.”
  • What does Dolan want changed, “I think what he sees a lot of people, we’ve got a really good collection of different players at different stages of their career and really good young players and some lottery balls we were lucky enough to get and add two phenomenal players in Kakko and Lafreniere. The next step is putting it all together and creating more of a team with designated roles so there is no question that when a game starts who is doing what and why are they doing it and I think that is the next step to keep pushing the organization forward.”
  • Were you disappointed with the team’s immediate response to what happened with Wilson, “I liked what I saw last night, let’s put it that way. It was not a fun night at the Garden……you’ve gotta grow when times are hard and I thought we responded the right way last night and even though we lost the game we came together and took some steps as an organization and team last night.”
  • What have you thought of Quinn, “I think he’s done a good job. This year, as we discussed this morning, well documented and all over the place that there have been fires to be put out almost at every turn this year, starting right from training camp and we were just breaking down and guys were getting Covid, showing up with Covid and key players are not feeling great and it goes through our team a little bit and our coaching staff, so it’s not an excuse, but just the facts of what we’ve had…..”
  • What is missing for the team to take the next step, “I think just roles, we got a lot of good pieces in a lot of good places, but I think we need to figure out specific roles. You play playoff winning, Cup-winning teams, they hand in their lineup card and every single guy on that roster knows what they are doing that night and what is expected of him and why it’s expected of. I think it just evolves and as we move forward and get more pieces like that some guys are going to slot into roles and have success.”
  • Did anyone come into the season thinking you’d make the playoffs, “I can’t speak for them, but I think ultimately if all the chips went our way we’d have a very good shot. We knew we were going to have one of the youngest teams, knew we were transitioning to younger goalies, away from The King, we lost a lot of good NHL players either through trade or buyout and so we were going to have a very, very young team. We figured we’d have a lot of talent and if everything went well and not have any bumps we’d have a good shot and until 10-days ago or so after the win on that Sunday in NJ we still had a shot, but things happen and here we are.”
  • What is your relationship like with Glen Sather, “We have a great relationship. Obviously, I played for him and got to work for him and still working for him, it’s been a really good relationship. He made it pretty clear that he’s there for questions and advice, obviously, he has a ton of experience and success in this league, he’s a guy to definitely lean on as I grow in this new job.”
  • Are things ultimately your call, “Yes, that is the way it is.”
  • Why did you turn other jobs down, “It’s well documented what I think of NY, the city, the fans, MSG, the Ranger crest means so much to me and a lot of people. I was never looking to go anywhere else, some opportunities have come up in the last couple of years and they just weren’t a fit for me, there were no promises made. What would happen if I stayed? I liked where I was, I liked where my career was, enjoying working under Jeff and JD and things change and here we are and thrilled to be doing it.”
  • Will you bring in help, “Yea, that process is starting and we are looking at a few different people already. I’m going to take some time to find the right people, hire an assistant GM to start, and go from there.
  • Can you say that the Stanley Cup is on the horizon, “I hope so, that is why we are here and what we strive for and what the fans want and what I want and we will do everything we can do bring the Cup to NY.”
  • Have you spoken to JD or Gorton since this all happened, “Yea, we’ve spoken. I won’t get into the nature of those calls.
  • What kind of relationship do you have with Dolan, “I’ve had plenty of interaction with him, as a player, player development, assistant GM, he’s very accessible and very open and eager to talk to. I owe Jeff Gorton a lot for having me in player development for one year and then as assistant for the last five years and being in a lot of these meetings with Jim and getting to experience some of the things.”