2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Boston

David Quinn met with the media following the loss to Boston and said (MSG):

  • On playing after last night’s game, “We all understand the situation we are in, every team goes through rough stretches with injuries during Covid, ours happens to be at the end of the season when we are out of the playoff hunt and playing a team vying for the Stanley Cup and an emotional 48-hours for everybody for a variety of reasons. We play last night, they don’t, it was a challenging night to say the least and we didn’t lay down, I know the shots were what they were and it looked ugly at times, these guys competed their assess off. There is a lot of good here right now and it’s just unfortunate that we are in this position right now, it just doesn’t feel good, but it’s the situation we are in and these guys didn’t lay down tonight.”

  • Is there still value for guys like Jones and Barron to play in this environment, “I think that without question there is, anytime you play teams like this who give you an idea of what it takes to compete for a Stanley Cup, you think you know what effort is and you find a whole new level of effort when you play these types of teams, you think you know what smart hockey is and you find out what real smart hockey is when you play these types of teams and learn an awful lot from your opponent. We’ve got some smart kids here that are getting their first crack at the NHL and they are observant and see the way the Bruins go about their game, the way the Islanders go about their game, there is definitely value to it.”
  • On K’Andre Miller, “K’Andre I thought had a good first period and then there were some struggles there, but this is a kid who hasn’t been home since June, he’s played a ton of hockey for us and had an outstanding season. Under difficult circumstances we’ve asked him to do an awful lot and I can’t say enough good things about him, he’s got a hell of a future in this league and like we just touched on, it’s difficult circumstances and we’ve asked a 21-year old to play 20 minutes of night against everybody’s top players for a long period of time and in a division as physically hard as it gets and I couldn’t be happier for him and the season he’s had and it’s a tough night for him for a little bit, but I thought he did a lot of good things as well, but when things go wrong on the offensive blue line when you are the last resort as a defenseman, it looks bad, but I really liked his first period and rebounded after the second period as well, thought he had a solid third period.”