2021 NHL Draft

The Rangers have a 1% chance at the #1 overall pick

The NHL has announced the NHL Draft Lottery odds for the June 2nd lottery drawing and the Rangers rank 16th with a 1.0% chance at the #1 overall pick.

The Rangers will either pick #1 overall, #2 overall, or 15th* overall.


The NHL will hold two lottery drawings this year as opposed to the three drawings they had held in prior years.

The Rangers have won the lottery in the past two years, winning the second drawing in 2019 and selecting Kaapo Kakko, and winning the #1 overall pick last year, selecting Alexis Lafreniere, when the league held the second lottery drawing.

*Arizona forfeited their 2021 First Round Pick so while the Rangers, if they don’t win the lottery, would still technically have the #16 overall pick they would actually be selecting the 15th player. The league will do a re-draw if Arizona wins either lottery spot.

Adam Rotter: I’m guessing that it won’t be three in a row for the Rangers and the lottery and that they are likely either picking 16th or, and a lot of people think that this may happen, they will trade the pick for a 22-23-24-year old type of player that can step into the lineup and make an impact. Many are split on the draft this year since some prospects didn’t play, others only played a little and others were in unique circumstances. There also wasn’t a lot of in-person scouting either and it’s easy to see this pick being involved in some sort of deal that brings the Rangers a young agitating type of forward or a young power forward. The Rangers don’t have a second round pick this year, it was traded to get Marc Staal’s cap hit off the books, but they do have two third-round picks including Buffalo’s and three fourth-round picks including Ottawa and LA’s.

In the event that the Rangers do land the first or second pick, and opt not to trade it, 6-5 defenseman Owen Power from the University of Michigan is considered the top prospect. Matthew Beniers, also out Michigan, is considered the top center prospect. Still, my guess is that even if the Rangers do get the first or second pick that they would ultimately trade it as the centerpiece of a huge trade.