2021 Rangers Coaching Search Gerard Gallant

Gerard Gallant has also interviewed twice with the Rangers

6/7/21 | Elliotte Friedman said on 31 Thoughts, “I think there has been a little bit of disrespect toward Gerard Gallant, what he did in Vegas, I think it has been discounted a little bit and I don’t think it’s fair. Gerard Gallant is not a guy who is an x’s and o’s master, but he gets people to play and he puts people around himself who can handle that stuff, but he convinces people that can play, he empowers them…..right now the most important thing you do as a coach is empower your players and if anybody has forgotten how well Gerard Gallant can empower his players, they were just reminded of it.”

Friedman adds, “It’s obvious that he has a great chance at the Ranger job. I think he’s interviewed in Columbus, but I’m just not sure if Columbus is going to want, at this point in time, to go financially where Gallant could potentially go. I just don’t know if that is the right time for Columbus to do that. Seattle is an interesting one, they talked to him, but it was a while ago.”


6/6/21 | Dreger says that Gallant’s “stock has risen” after he led Canada to a Gold Medal at the World Championships.

6/4/21 | Darren Dreger said on Buffalo radio that Gerard Gallant, who is coaching Team Canada at the World Championships has interviewed “at least twice” with the Rangers.

Gallant’s first interview with the Rangers occurred in the days before he went to Latvia for the World Championships.

Canada is slated to play Team USA on Saturday for a chance to play in the Gold Medal game.

Dreger also said, as others have noted, that Rick Tocchet has interviewed “a couple of times” with the Rangers.

Elliotte Freidman said on the 31 Thoughts Podcast, that “it seems like Tocchet and Gallant are very serious in New York.”

Adam Rotter: There is an expectation that things will begin picking up in the Rangers coaching search once Gallant returns from the World Championships. What we know is that they have interviewed Gallant and Tocchet twice, and that Tocchet is interviewing anywhere and everywhere, but no other interviews have been confirmed.

There were no coaching changes after the first round, though some are still wondering about Pete DeBoer if Vegas goes out quickly to Colorado, so the list of candidates may never have expanded. I’m sure the Rangers have spoken to more people than just Gallant and Tocchet, but for now those two seem to be the most likely, with Gallant probably still having the edge.