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The Rangers reportedly want a first-round pick for Alex Georgiev

7/16/21 | Elliotte Friedman was speaking about potentially available goalies, on the 31 Thoughts podcast, and said “I think Georgiev from the Rangers” and he has previously mentioned Georgiev while speaking about the Oilers.

7/15/21 | Frank Seravalli writes that the Rangers are reportedly telling interested teams that the price for Alex Georgiev includes a first-round pick. (Daily Faceoff)

Georgiev is signed through this coming season at $2.45 million.


Seravalli notes that the Rangers don’t need to move Georgiev and that this would be a “luxury move.” (Daily Faceoff)

The Rangers are slated to protect Georgiev in next week’s expansion draft, Igor Shesterkin is exempt, and that Keith Kinkaid will be eligible to be selected by Seattle.

Adam Rotter: Georgiev was a name tossed around in trade rumors during the 2019-20 season when Henrik Lundqvist was still around and Igor Shesterkin had come up and played well. The Rangers had a high price for Georgiev then and it’s not surprising that they have a high one now as well. I do think that the Rangers are open to moving him as part of a bigger package, but it would seem like, in a smaller deal or one built just around Georgiev, would include a high pick.

Since the Rangers don’t need to move Georgiev they can wait and see if a team is going to overpay, potentially use him to acquire a center or something else or just keep him. The Rangers are going to need a goalie to play 30-35 games and Georgiev has had more ups than downs in his career. I think that Georgiev’s biggest struggles have come when he plays multiple games in a row and so if his schedule can be worked out to play 1 out of every 3 or 4 games that might allow him to get practice time and be ready for each start. If Georgiev is ultimately moved then the Rangers have Keith Kinkaid, pending he isn’t selected by Seattle, but there is also an argument to be made to add more of a veteran and someone that has been around, played a lot and could help Igor Shesterkin.