2021-22 Rangers

What Trouba, Gallant, Shesterkin and Panarin said on Saturday

Gerard Gallant spoke on Saturday and said some of the following (NYR):

  • On the lineup for tomorrow, “it’s all a mixture and we’re not quite sure what it is right now. I’m not sure seriously, we were discussing it this morning but Dru and I will talk after. Once we get things settled down.”

  • Will there be a mix of junior, AHL and NHL players, “I’m expecting that yeah, again, we just didn’t have really time to do it but we’re gonna do it, but I’m expecting some for sure.”
  • On goaltenders, “a big fan of listening to Benny. That’s his job and responsibility and he’s done a great job with it. And, you know, I’m gonna see from one day at a time and then go from there so I’m not a guy that looks at a schedule for the goaltending for the whole season or for this month it’s one game at a time and go from there. But we’ve got some good goaltending I know that I’m confident with that so whatever Benny sort of leads me in that direction. That’s probably what we’re going to go.”
  • On Panarin, “the skill level, his passing, I mean his passing is outstanding and the way he sees the ice hockey IQ so he does a lot of really good things obviously and when your team’s come into play guys like that you talk about those players.”
  • On different lines being used, “Yeah, there’ll be different changes I mean, like I said me and Dru we’ll talk about lineup tonight and we’ll, we’ll see where we go but I think you’ll see some makeup of some lines that we’d like to see but again it’s early in training camp.”
  • What do you expect from tomorrow night, “‘I’m more worried about execution and guys playing, you know, doing the job we want to set a tone of the way we’re going to play all year long, but again it’s far from our team I’d be more concerned about that last two exhibition games then I am tomorrow night. There’ll be a lot of a lot of mixture you know there’s going to be, maybe some junior kids maybe some American League players, and maybe some of our NHL lineups so you know I’m not gonna worry a whole lot about that that but the last two game I’s want to see, you know what we’re going to be as a team and we know we’re going to be as a team, we’re going to be a skilled team, a team that works real hard competes hard and like I said we want some more grit and we’re going to play a hard game can be a hard team to play against that’s what that’s what I want from.”
  • On his communication with Drury, “always daily, you know, you talk to your GM daily you see him all the time and he drops by and checks up on you but he’s not going to be in our office all the time or I’m not going to be in his office all the time. I’m sure he’s going to come down, say hello and practice and we’ll talk about lineup. That’s how it’s always been nothing different than anybody else. I mean, you have the strong communication with your manager and that’s the way I like it.

Artemi Panarin spoke, through a translator,  and said some of the following (NYR):


  • On the feeling around the team, “There’s good energy in the locker room he’s really missed the guys and obviously it’s all just positive outlook on everything. So he’s really happy to be back.”
  • On what happened with Wilson and Washington, “basically he didn’t really injure his head in when everybody fell on top of him, it was a different part of the body. The gesture that the team made after after the situation really made him appreciate the team and he realizes that this is a team that he would want to do everything he can for.”

Igor Shesterkin and said some of the following (NYR):

  • Do you have any goals for the season, “I want to playoff games.”
  • How would you evaluate last season, “I’m not very pleased with how last season turned out there were a lot of losses, but I hope this season will be a lot better.”
  • Did you do anything to try and stay healthy, “I’ve been working on my flexibility, so I’m basically like a gymnast now.”

Jacob Trouba said some of the following (NYR):

  • On the expectations for this season, “I think so it kind of goes without saying, but it’s definitely something as a group of leaders we’ve discussed and I think the message has been pretty clear to the team that we’re flipping, we’re flipping the page and you got to have everyone buy in and commit to that. It last year with the changes, it kind of sent that message and it was definitely received by the players. And obviously, everybody wants to make playoffs, that’s the goal, but there’s 31 other teams in here saying they want to make the playoffs. This is about building something more than making the playoffs one year we want to build a culture and I guess a commitment to not just winning and making the playoffs but we were trying to build contender and we’re not coming here to try to build a team and make the playoffs, we’re building a team to try to win the Stanley Cup and, I mean that’s kind of where the goal is I don’t think, coming here and saying we have to make the playoffs this year, that’s not really the end goal for us. Every team wants to make playoffs but we want to be a contending team and build a team that can contend for a long time.”
  • On his injuries at the end of last season, “I felt pretty good with the the head coming back but I ended up spraining my knees in the process of trying to stand up so we didn’t really want to play with that, along with the head and kind of go out there not 100% on my legs with the head coming back.”
  • On becoming more of a leader last season, “I definitely think I’ve grown in that aspect. There’s been so much change even from when I came into even with Hank being gone and Marc being gone was a big turnover for what the same was for a lot of years. That’s not something you can easily just turn the page that’s that’s a pretty long history of where the team was and now we’re not starting from scratch or we’re trying to build our team, our culture, what our team does our identity. I mean that is part of it. I think we have more than one leader and it takes more than one leader to lead a team. It’s not just one guy out there hooting and hollering and saying stuff if you don’t have to buy from the assistant captains the other leaders, the players on the team, just one guy talk and that doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t do much from a  leadership standpoint. So it takes all 23 guys to try to build a culture and build the winning attitude that they are trying to build there.
  • Would you be comfortable as the Captain, “Yeah I think it would be an honor, for sure. I think there’s a lot of guys that are capable of doing it, and I don’t think it’s really going to change our leadership group much depending who has it who doesn’t work. We have our group that we know is going to lead this thing going forward and we all kind of have different strengths and different ways of leading, I guess. And when they’re all gonna be counted out we’re gonna need everybody in the room and that’s even the guys who you wouldn’t say are in the leadership group, as part of the team you need everyone to be in on that and it’s not one guy, it’s not three guys, five guys isn’t 18 guys, you have 23 and 22 and one strays off, you got to have a good enough team and a good group to bring that person back in and that’s leadership, kind of just the whole team buying into that philosophy. And when someone does stray off the pack and brings it back here and he’s much right
  • On K’Andre Miller and the defense, “Yeah, it definitely comes with playing with anybody for an extended period of time. It’s always a bit of an adjustment to go to a new partner. When you find something that clicks, it’s, it’s definitely something, I mean, I’m smiling about it, it’s something as a defenseman you look for and I think we got better as the year went on last year I think we’ve talked a little bit over the summer about what we want to do and what we want to accomplish as a D-pair and how we can do better and we’re on a good path and just just stay on that path and we’ll keep building.”
  • On what he has seen from Miller, “I think he’s a little bit more comfortable too, I mean he knows a little bit more what to expect. We’ve talked a little bit over the summer about what’s different in year two, and what to expect and whats not changed and personally I kind of fell in that trap of year two now I’m gonna blow the doors off this thing and in reality you’re five/six months older, not really gonna change the player, the player he was. Obviously a great season last year, you build strong characteristics that you have and the strength of your game and be aware of your weaknesses and work on those as well as not slipping the game on its head and trying to be someone you’re not. He knows he can improve. I mean, everybody can improve, I can improve and he, he puts in the work to do those things, but he has a lot of the raw ability, the size, the speed, the skating, the reach. I think he’s beat or, I think I’m coming over to help and he just pivots and puts the stick out and he’s fine. So those qualities are stuff you can’t really teach. He definitely put in the time, he came back to New York pretty early and we skated a bit together so I think he’s prepared to have a good season.”
  • On his game and his role on the team, “I would say my, my role on this team, I don’t think I’m, I’m not the big point total guy on this team, that is not where I’m needed. I think the, the physicality, bring the effort every night, kind of falls into the leadership category that stuff that I think is infectious in the team. I think we brought in more guys that play that style. You want me to sit here and tell you I’m the most talented player on this team, I’m definitely not. I don’t skate like Kreids, score like Mika I’m not passing like Bread, so the things I bring are a little bit more of the intangibles. Bring the effort. When you demand it on yourself and bring it on yourself and the core group of leaders bring it. That’s something that’s infectious and trickles down, and it kind of gets a whole group to buy into that mentality, that effort know what’s expected of everyone every night. And, I mean, doesn’t mean much looking at the paper but on paper, we got a lot of skill and I don’t think skill was our issue last year, playing a hard, dirty gross game at times and I think we addressed that and brought in players to do that and I think that’s somewhere I can really have an effect.”