2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said Tuesday about Lafreniere, penalty killers and more

Gerard Gallant spoke on Tuesday and said some of: (NYR):

  • On the PK, “Well there’s a lot of different guys we use so it’s like I said it’s narrowed down but it’s a work in progress, same as the powerplay we wanted to do both of those in the last two days, we had 20 minutes, you know, second half of practice of, it was good.”

  • On Kakko and Lafreniere willing to kill penalties, “Well it’s not willing we told them to do it. Those kids want more ice time, and they get the opportunity to do that and they got to grow as players so I mean we’ll see once the regular season starts how many reps they are going to get at it, but hopefully they’re real good at it, they’re talented, and there’s no reason why they can’t kill penalties.”
  • On Rooney, Goodrow and Mika as PKers, “yea, those guys have specialty in that unit, but again, the kids are talented young players. Give them an opportunity and they’re going to take it run with it, so we expect them to be real good It’s a lot of new guys that are going to be killing penalties for us, so you get your units together and the more experience they get with each other, the better they will be”
  • On Zibanejad, “well, the way he shoots and the way he plays, I mean even in practices he plays full out. He goes hard, he skates hard and he works hard and obviously he’s an elite player in our league and to get named to the Olympic team already, that’s a great honor for him and well deserved.”
  • On Lafreniere with Mika and Kreider, “well, he’s a young player that’s got a lot of skill and talent but again, he’s got to get better, he gets the opportunity and hopefully he will take advantage of it, so far in camp he’s played really well.”
  • On Lafreniere, “Well I didn’t know him until three weeks ago so what I see, I like. I mean, he’s a little overconfident and he comes in and he’s not cocky, but he’s loose and that’s a good thing, but as long as you can handle it the right way and be ready for the games and like you said, he’s still a kid so we got to bring him along and make sure he’s doing the right things and I like our veteran group, they’ll help the kids out and they take care of that stuff.”
  • On helping young players take the next step, “combination of that stuff. It’s a combination I mean, his play is gonna dictate a lot and hopefully the coach don’t got to talk to him a lot, but you know they are 19 years old, they can still be playing junior hockey with that age group and you know we’re men in the NHL and you want people ready every night to do and that’s what I shoot for and you just got to make sure those kids are consistently ready for that and prepare the right way and that’s a big part of it too. It’s just not the game nights and practice, it’s getting prepared for those games and that’s what’s important for those young players.”
  • On what he wants to see in the next week, “I really like the way the last week’s gone, I think our team played better the last game. it was really good. It was a solid game in Boston. You know we get to work on some power play and PK stuff that’s really important. And the numbers are down so we’re getting really close, but we got two more exhibition games, just get better and get ready and, you know, get ready for the opening night.”
  • On naming a captain, “I think so, yea. It won’t be today, but it will be some time before Opening Night.”