2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over NJ

Gerard Gallant spoke after the Rangers win over the Devils and said (NYR Game Notes):

  • Do you have an update on Reaves, “day to day, pretty much.”
  • Is it something that could be long term, “no I don’t think so. Not from the indications that I’ve heard so far but, again, you’ll know more tomorrow, the next day.”
  • On Kreider and the team response, “Yeah, I mean you know what anytime your guy gets hurt, you got to do something I don’t think it was a vicious hit or slew foot. I don’t think there was any intent, should have probably been a two-minute penalty at best, but I don’t think PK meant to cause an injury, but when you see a guy get hurt and guys step up and do a little bit of a response there, that’s what you want.”
  • Are you concerned Reaves could miss the opener, “It’s day to day, from what I’ve heard, I just heard from the trainer a little while ago, he said that it’s day to day. The opener, I have no idea.”
  • On the game, “I was real happy for most of the game. Obviously, the first six and a half minutes were real good for our team, but after that we got into trouble and took penalties back to back and the momentum changed. I think our goaltender was excellent, especially the second half of the first period. After that I think we took control of the second and third but finally about 30 minutes a month that’s good, but for probably about 13 minutes we weren’t that good, but for the most part we took control of the second and third.”
  • On Sammy Blais, “there’s a lot of skill there, he shoots the puck real well. I think you get comfortable with his teammates and he’s got better every day and that is exactly what we want from him. I really liked this game tonight and the last game he played was a good game also.”
  • Is the team where you want them to be, “we always talk about playing the full 60 minutes, I thought we were really good for most of the night but again after we took back to back penalties and we were short a couple of forwards, obviously Reaves went down and then Kreider with 12 minutes he had to serve, so we were short two wings and that made it a little tough, but overall it was pretty good.”
  • On Nils Lundkvist, “solid, moves the puck real good. I think he’s feeling real comfortable and tonight I thought he played really good.”
  • What did you think of Tinordi, “Big bodied guy that has his job and there’s nothing going to be fancy about Tinordi, but obviously when Reavo went out, they know Tinordi is a presence out there. I thought he was fine. Tinner’s game is keep it simple and that is what he does, he’s a good veteran. I had him years ago when I was in Montreal as assistant coach and great kid, character kid and he’s a good teammate for sure. But he did play solid, moved the puck good.”
  • Will you pick spots to get Tinordi in, “We gotta find out the top six and see where he’s at. Tinner’s a veteran game, Nemeth is a veteran guy so hopefully Lundkvist and the other kid look for that spot can play really well and make sure they can defend. I thought Lundkvist played very well tonight. We will see where it goes once the team is picked and we will have at least seven guys here for sure.”