2021-22 Rangers Jack Eichel

Where things are with Jack Eichel’s situation

10/8/21 | Pierre LeBrun writes that his “sense” is that the Rangers aren’t “as much in it anymore.” (The Athletic)

10/7/21 | 11:04 AM: On Wednesday, Darren Dreger tweeted that the Jack Eichel situation was “shifting” and that “both sides are hopeful something can be worked out soon.”

Elliotte Friedman wrote in 32 Thoughts that “there is a real push to find a solution, because Eichel’s displaced disc can’t be allowed to just sit on the nerve.”


Eichel needs surgery on his neck and wants an artificial disc replacement while the Sabres have wanted him to undergo fusion surgery.

Nick Kypreos tweeted that “it appears” that the Rangers would support Eichel getting the artificial disc replacement surgery on his neck but there is “no indication” the two sides are close on a deal.

While on TSN 1050 on Wednesday, Dreger was in discussion about Eichel and the Rangers were used as an example of a team that may be reluctant to move pieces off the roster since they want to compete for a playoff spot and Eichel will miss a big part of the season.

Dreger said, “That is why I feel like the best deal that Buffalo might be able to make is one that is primarily based on futures. Maybe that is a young prospect who is in the NHL but hasn’t quite found his stride and is still developing or a player drafted a year or two ago that is still very much in the development phase and then you can tack on the draft picks and prospects and all that on top of that depending on what you feel comfortable with specific to Eichel’s return. The Rangers told me, a Rangers source anyway, said that they are not in it, earlier today.”

On the Jeff Marek Show, on Wednesday, Marek and Friedman had a similar conversation of teams staying competitive while waiting for Eichel. They discussed the possibility that Buffalo may only want “futures” and draft picks and prospects and maybe not players off a teams roster.

Friedman said that “by now, everybody knows what the Sabres want for Eichel, everybody knows. They want high end prospects and high picks or they want really young, core players.” (Sportsnet)

Adam Rotter: I always assumed that anyone who ultimately traded for Eichel would give the green light for the artificial disc replacement. It’s not that Eichel doesn’t want the fusion surgery because he’s still with Buffalo, he doesn’t want the fusion surgery and it’s hard to see how an acquiring team would make a trade for him and not go with his preferred method of dealing with this.

As for how the Rangers factor into this, they are going to be linked to Eichel until he is traded. I don’t even think that signing Mika Zibanejad to an extension would fully close the door on the Rangers being linked to him. Ultimately Eichel has to be skating for someone else before all the talk of him and the Rangers will go down.

Nothing from the Rangers standpoint seems to have changed in regards to what they are willing to give up. Nils Lundkvist is showing why the Rangers are holding him back and Braden Schneider did the same. At some point the Rangers are going to trade some of these prospects and young players and maybe they would be more willing for a player with either a lower cap hit or one without a major neck injury, but it just seems that with what Buffalo wants from the Rangers, Eichel’s injury and cap hit, that this won’t be it.