2021-22 Rangers

Gerard Gallant on roster decisions, tomorrow night and more

Gerard Gallant met with the media earlier today after practice and said (NYR):

  • On the roster decisions and sending Kravtsov down, “Oh, there was no reason why. It was about picking your team, we’re trying to win hockey games and we said there was a battle so those spots all training camp long and why? The other guys played well and you know some of the guys that stayed up, Gauthier and Hunt and those guys because they played really well at camp and earned their position.”

  • You look at it as Kravtsov was beat out rather than waivers or something else, I mean, obviously, that’s what the way we felt. I mean we like Kravy, he’s a good hockey player, good, talented player, and hopefully goes down to Hartford and plays really well, because he’s a talented, skilled hockey player but, you know, our job is to put the 23 guys that we think is available right now to play the best hockey and give a chance to win and that’s what we’ve done.”
  • What didn’t you see from Kravtsov, “I think the other guy’s played well, I thought Kravvy, you know he come to camp and he missed some time with the injury there and I liked his last game, he played better in his last game, but again you got to keep doing it day in and day out and I think the other guys really played well, they are earned their opportunity so, things change in the NHL every day but we’ll see where it goes.”
  • Will Tinordi be with Nemeth tomorrow, “possible.”
  • Will Lundkvist play soon, “he’s going to play, if he doesn’t play tomorrow he will get an opportunity to play for sure.”
  • On the anticipation for the Caps tomorrow, “the team is beyond that, that’s behind us, I mean we’re ready to play and play a good hockey game and you know the comments made all summer and the anticipation., I don’t expect it. I mean, we’re gonna go play the game tomorrow night, if stuff happens, stuff happens, but I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the last incident, you know, we’re not planning on going out there and say, if you get a chance to run over Tom Wilson, run him over, that’s not going to be objective. Our objective is to win the hockey game and, like I said, we’re a different team. We know we got, we are a more physical team now than we were in the past and we want people to worry about us a little bit.”
  • Is there a benefit to playing bigger guys like Tinordi and Reaves, well that’s what we signed them for, that’s what they came here for and then they’re good hockey players and they’re big strong guys and like I said, I want teams to know that they are playing the Rangers now, it’s not the same team as they had in the past and we’re bigger, more physical team and when you have to use it, use it. So,make it tougher for other teams to play against is and that’s half the battle.”
  • Reaves is definitely good to go tomorrow, “Yep.”