2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss in Washington

Gerard Gallant spoke after the loss to Washington and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “Two different games. I thought the first 30-33 minutes were real good, even though we were behind 2-0. Couple of power play goals that you know they scored that you know they got two bounces on both of them, you know, it hit off of Zibanejad’s stick, the second one and the first one was Trouba tried to clear it to the corner but put it behind his goalie so, but I thought we played a hell of a first 33 minutes and after that we weren’t too good.”

  • On special teams and penalties, “Yeah, way too many penalties, too many bad penalties, that’s obviously a thing. Again, I thought, it’s hard to say that but I thought the PK did a really good job. All three goals were the sort of, you know, they usually have their set plays and one of the best power plays in hockey for the last number of years, but tonight, one goes off of Zibanejad’s stick, the first one Trouba has on his stick and not makes a bad clear, but an unlucky clear. And then the last one hits our guy in the in the chest and drops to Ovechkin on his stick. So, the PK did a good job, but they ended up, I think 3-5 “
  • On the amount of penalties, “Undisciplined, a couple of  undisciplined penalties.”
  • Were the penalties a result of physical play, “Yeah, they weren’t penalties like that, though. A couple of turnover penalties,  guys hit, trip, hook people. So that was more of the thing and you know I think there was one penalty like that that was undisciplined. But like I said the first 33 minutes was really good, and I had no issue with it and then after that third goal I thought we’re a different team, we changed our game we, we started taking high risk plays and, and I look up at the clock and the shots are 13-6 for us and then they scored their second goal in the game changed from there.”
  • On the offensive chances, “Washington played real good the second half,  but again I was happy as hell, the way we played the first half. We contained them, we come into this building, they got six or seven shots after 33 minutes so I was pretty happy with the way the game was going. Their goalie made three or four great saves in the first to keep it scoreless, so that definitely hurt us not scoring early but you know I told the guys after the second period we got to play the same way every shift you can’t change your game because you’re down 2-0, you know, they got some breaks we didn’t put the puck in the net, they did, you got to keep playing the same way and obviously we didn’t play the same way.”
  • Do you want to explain why you picked Georgiev, “No, not really. Obviously we have back to back games and Georgie played real well, I don’t think there are any issues with the goals for Georgie. Shesty will probably play tomorrow.”
  • Will Shesterkin play tomorrow, “Yea, and again, I thought Georgie was good and he made some good saves and they scored some good goals and a few he didn’t have a chance on anyway.”
  • Would you have dressed this lineup if it wasn’t against the Capitals, “definitely, no issue with that.”