2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Nashville

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Nashville and said (MSG):

  • On finding ways to win, “gritty, gritty effort. Tonight, for me, was the toughest game we played so far this season and everybody battled for ice, both teams. That’s what was real good. I thought we competed hard and like I said I thought it was a gritty gritty game and we come out on top.”
  • On the Chytil, Lafreniere, Blais line, “they played real good and made some real nice plays, obviously got a couple of big goals. So they played, competed, battled hard, but that was our team tonight. Nashville came out and they played an aggressive game and we responded, real good. I liked the game, it was a battle. We talked about it after the second period the team that was going to put more pucks to the net and win more those board battles was going to win the hockey game and pretty much what happened. We had a real good third period and took control of that game.”

  • On protecting the lead, “Yeah, no, that was huge. In Toronto we talked about that game and we were pretty loose and I thought tonight we really shut it down in the third period we got to lead 2-1. I’m not big at looking at the stats but I think they had one or two shots when we took the lead there in the last 10 minutes. Complete, complete effort and everybody was a part of it.”
  • On the PP, “I just hope they don’t get frustrated because when we watch it and they hit the crossbar twice and they have good plays you know what I mean. Some of the power play they had trouble getting in the zone and they had a couple of bad set ups. But I mean every time I look at it and Zibanejad hits two posts and the crossbar, they are getting their chances and if it wasn’t for that I’d be disappointed but I like what they’re doing moving the puck….So, if it’s not happening I’m disappointed and frustrated, but I think the way they’re moving and making plays it’s going to come, and  we got away with it so far. We’re winning games without it right now because it’s not scoring but I like what I’m seeing.”
  • On Nemeth late in the game, “Yeah he was great. He’s big and strong and he really cleans the front of the net out and he makes strong plays with the puck. I was really proud of our group, the way we battled hard and got pucks out. It was a gritty effort, I mean chipping those pucks off the boards and you know sometimes that cute team doesn’t do that and I liked the way we battled tonight.”
  • Does Sammy Blais have upside, “Definitely. I mean he’s played in the league for a while. He’s mostly been a fourth line guy in St. Louis, a little bit up in the third line and he’s one of those guys that’s got real good hands, as we see, and he’s a big power forward so I think the more he plays with us, the more confidence he’s getting. He’s getting an opportunity playing second power play. So I think the kids excited, and he’s getting an opportunity and he’s pretty happy right now.”
  • On not having to rely on Shesterkin that much, “It was more of a complete team game. As a coach that’s what you’d like to see, you’d like to see a game like tonight and your goalie was really good, but you know he didn’t have to be all world for us tonight and I I really liked our team game.”
  • On Alexis Lafreniere, “he’s a young player that’s gaining confidence. When you’re the first overall pick, you’re a pretty talented and skilled player and I like the way he’s working hard and competing hard and finishing his check. That’s what I like because I know he’s going to score when he gets his opportunities, we’ve seen that, you know, from the time he was a young boy, but what he’s doing now he’s playing a complete game and that’s what we like about him.”