2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Columbus

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Columbus and said (MSG, NYR):

  • “It was close, the first five minutes were a little loose, but besides that we played a pretty solid game…and the PP had two goals (big smile).”
  • Was it validating to see that for the PP, “for them it means a lot, there is no doubt. You can say, ‘show the good clips,’ but when it doesn’t go in the net it doesn’t count. They get those two by Kreids on the PP and it was key for those guys and hopefully they get confidence and keep moving on.”

  • On calling timeouts on the PP to keep the first unit on, “Not a lot. The timeouts aren’t as important as they used to be. If it wouldn’t have been a 4 on 3 I wouldn’t have called the timeout. We haven’t had a chance to work on a 4 on 3 this year, a little bit in practice, but besides that. I just thought, ‘let’s go those guys and give them another chance at it’ and Mike had a play drawn up, it wasn’t the one they scored on, but the next one right after that. The opportunity was there, if it was a 2-1 game I probably wouldn’t use it then, but it was a 3-0 game and thought the timing was good for that.”
  • On managing the puck, “I thought we managed the puck real well, we didn’t turn it over nearly as much in the neutral zone as we did in the prior game. Our forecheck was a lot better and I just thought we had 20 guys ready to play tonight and that was a big thing. We talked about it being eight games into the season and playing a more complete game than we played in the past and tonight was the most complete game we played.”
  • On Kakko having a strong game, “I agree 100%, I thought Kakko was really strong in the first period, he played a good game, but the first period I really noticed him controlling the puck with his big body. Stromer really looked good tonight and Panarin, obviously, had a couple of great assists and played pretty strong. I like that line, but I liked our team.”
  • On Shesterkin, “he’s incredible. He’s been great, our best player all season long and he’s in a zone and made some key saves early in the hockey game, because they could have been leading 1 or 2-0 after the first five minutes. He played really well.”
  • What impresses you about Shesterkin, “the way he stops the puck. He’s athletic, strong, everything seems to hit him in the chest. I think he’s one of the top goalies in the league, there is no doubt.”
  • Did you get something from all four lines, “definitely. You talk about your third and fourth line and the fourth line controlled the puck down low in the offensive zone, they didn’t throw blind passes, cycled the puck behind the net and managed the puck real well. That is the word we use all the time, manage the puck and I think they did a real good job of that and it carried over to our over guys.”
  • On Lafreniere’s line, “Laffy and Blaiser and Fil play well together and they had a pretty good game tonight. I think the lineup tonight was a pretty good lineup.”
  • On the work you did this week, “I wouldn’t say just this week. We had a day off, but I think that from the first day of training camp we talked about how we want to play and it takes a little longer than I want some nights, but we talked about our team being a skilled and talented team and we got a little bit grittier and play with a cycle game, it’s coming. There were some real good signs tonight.”
  • Anything different with the PP other than it went in, “The puck went in…Kreids is a big man in front of the net, he had a couple of real good tips. I think Mika had a couple of chances, Foxy had a real good shot. I didn’t see anything really different. We didn’t talk about anything different before the game and our last practice was pretty much the same set up, but it went in tonight.”
  • Is Lafreniere more comfortable with Chytil, “I think so. It doesn’t bother, that is for sure. You talk about first or third line, I don’t really look at them like that. We know the number of lines, coaches don’t do that, but I think he is comfortable playing with Blaizer and enjoying it down there. Whether he plays some up or back and we rotate them a little bit, I think he likes it. Besides, he scores every time…”
  • Was there a reason you wanted Kreider back on the left, “No, not really. He prefers left wing and he was playing right wing because of the lines before, with Laffy, obviously. In a perfect world he likes left wing, but he’ll play right wing with no issue. When Goody went up there, either wing, it doesn’t matter to him.”
  • What did you see about Kreider that impressed you, “Being at the net. He’s a big guy that can skate and move his feet and he was key being in front of the net on the PP.”