2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Columbus

Gerard Gallant spoke after the Rangers win over Columbus and said (MSG):

  • On Igor Shesterkin, “He’s fine, he could have come back, he had to do the mandatory, whatever, 10-12 minutes, but he was ready to come back.”
  • Was he called off from the league, “He was called from somebody, I don’t know if it was our trainer or the league. I don’t know, but I know he had to go, but as soon as he got to the bench he said ‘I’m fine,’ but anyway you’ve got to be safe.”

  • What did you make of that sequence, “It was close, Nemeth was pushing him from behind a little bit, it was close for a goalie challenge, but I thought the puck was by him by the time it sort of hit their guy in the arm or the stick. It was close, but you hate to see a goalie get run over like that, the way he’s played, but there was no attempt to run him over. They were around the crease and trying to score a goal, we responded the right way. I thought their should have been a penalty on it, but the goal counted and I thought it should have been a penalty, but it didn’t happen.”
  • Could you go with him on Sunday, “I was told there is no issue.
  • On the game, “I thought the first period was a bit sloppy, it looked like we had four days off and didn’t have real good jump, but after that I thought we played the exact way I want us to play, we controlled the puck in their zone, did a lot of cycling down low, we got our defensmen involved in the cycles  and we sort of took over the game from the second period on. After they scored that second goal I thought we were real good the rest of the night.”
  • On Panarin, “He was smiling the last 3-4 days, jumping, he feels real good about his game right now. Coming in here I knew he was going to have a real big game for us tonight and after the first period I thought everybody played to their role, they did a great job, and maintained pressure in the offensive zone. If we are going to be a successful team that is how we have to play in the offensive zone, we can’t try those high risk plays all the time and tonight it worked real good for us and hopefully we will carry it to tomorrow’s game.”
  • On defending, “100%, that is what we talk about all the time. No team is going to be real successful if they have to defend too much and we’ve defended way too much the first 13 games and we talked about it and addressed it and hopefully we’ve moved past that. A lot of that stuff was self-inflicted ourselves, if we can stay away from that and play the way we played the last two periods tonight, I really like our chances.”
  • On Kreider, “he’s been great since Day 1, Kreids is always a guy that can skate and he’s in great shape and likes to play, he’s having a lot of fun right now and he’s around the net. Kreids scores all of his goals from that blue paint, so it’s an easy example for the young players, if you are going to score, get around the net, the blue paint and the PP made a couple of real nice plays to him tonight.”