2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Montreal

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Montreal and said (NYR, MSG):

  • Why is the team winning, “the last three games we’ve played a lot better hockey, better D-zone, better offense…the stuff we talked about when we were winning and playing bad, we’ve improved a lot with that stuff and the team getting together and knowing each other pretty well know, it’s just cooking right now. I thought we played a real good game.”

  • On the start, “our ability to come out and get a lot of scoring chances…we’ve talked about it for a while, lets get some pucks to the net and we started to do it the last three games and are getting good results and the guys believe in it and putting pucks on net and going to the net and scoring some big goals with it. Primeau played really well in the net for them tonight and made some key saves and Shesty was good for us too, but I think the young kid kept the game a little closer than it could have been.”
  • Is it as simple as being more aggressive with their shots, “We always talked about…we make a lot of seam plays, a lot of plays… the Panarin plays and Zibanejad plays cross seam a lot and sometimes those plays don’t work out perfectly and now they are shooting pucks more and those plays are working better because we aren’t doing them every time. We like what we are doing and the way it’s going now and as coaches you try and show video and preach that stuff and we think it’s getting through to them and when they get results they feel good about it.”
  • On Julien Gauthier, “100%, he’s forechecking better, skating really well, he could always skate fast, but I think he feels real comfortable playing in the NHL now and over the last number of games you can see that and he scored a great goal by working hard, not even the backcheck, we call it a reload, he lifts the guys stick and gets a great scoring chance and then makes them pay for it. Really like his game.”
  • Have you seen Trouba’s game step up, “Honestly, I think Trouba has been outstanding since the first game of the regular season. He’s adding a little more offense the last 2-3 games, but I really like his game, he competes and battles and is a warrior.”
  • Is this a big opportunity for Gauthier, “definitely, you talk about somebody leaving your lineup because of injury and the guy steps in and plays really well. That is exactly what we need from our group and you need more than 20 players and Gauthier stepped up and played a great game tonight.”
  • On Kakko, “he played real well, solid again, great to see him score in back to back games.”
  • On Reaves’ fight, “I think the team got excited about it, but I think the guy challenged Reavo from what I heard, it wasn’t Reavo going out and looking for a fight with a young player. What I heard was that Reavo checked the kid and the kid said let’s go.”
  • Do you think the Montreal player regretted it, “You gotta give him a lot of credit, he wants to stay in the NHL and is fighting one of the top guys.”
  • Is this better than you thought it would have been at this point, “I didn’t know our team well enough, I knew we were a real solid team. We had some rough patches in the first 10 games, no doubt about that, but I like the way we are playing know. I’m really happy with the record, obviously, but I can’t say that I thought we were going to be 10-3-3, I hadn’t really thought about it.”
  • On Kreider, “That line is playing well and Kreids seems to be around the net a lot and his speed, goes to the net and backdoor and when you have a guy like Zibanejad, who can make those passes to him, Kreids keeps doing what he does he’s going to get a lot of goals this year.”