2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Boston

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Boston and said (NYR):

  • On the start, “the start wasn’t great, the first period wasn’t great obviously. I pay no attention to the shot clock, they are marking shots that aren’t shots and we had a couple of extra. It’s just the feel of the game and we didn’t like our first period, obviously.”
  • On getting better in the game,“It was a huge goal for Stromer at the end of the period there, that was big for our team and after that I thought we played real good hockey, had a little bit of a slow start in the second, but after the first 3-4 shifts I thought we played great the rest of the way.”

  • How does the team remain poised when they are in the defensive zone so much, “the goaltender (laugh), he made some great saves and honestly, I thought the Swayman kid was outstanding too, some of the saves he made tonight…it probably could have been a 6-5 hockey game, that is what I saw, lots of great chances both ways, there wasn’t a ton of shots, but there were real good quality chances against both teams.”
  • On the lines, “In the back of my mind, as a coach you think of that because you don’t know when injuries happen. Sammy Blais gets hurt for the year, who knows what happens. I don’t like to mess a whole lot with lines, but we are adjusting to different players and I don’t mind it one bit, our guys, when you come in there and put a different guy on the right wing on the top line, guys don’t care, they’ll play with anybody, they want to work hard and play with anybody, anybody fits in there and when coaches do that stuff it doesn’t really bother them a whole lot, they might say it does, but it really doesn’t.”
  • Is this where you expected the team to be, “I didn’t. I don’t set expectations for wins. I’m really happy where we are at, but I don’t come in here and look at the first 20 games and say, ‘well, a bunch of those games are on the road, if we get out there .500, I don’t do that. I take it one game at a time, I really do, when I look at the stats on the way home on the plane I’ll be real happy where we are at, but I don’t really cut it down to that.”
  • On Julien Gauthier, “Since he got back in the lineup he’s real confident, he makes big plays like he did today. He’s a good skater, big, strong body, bumping people. He looks really good, I’m really happy. That line has played really good for us, scored a big goal, huge goal and I just want the kid to keep doing what he’s doing because everybody is impressed with him.”
  • Do you think it’s because with Blais out he knew he had a spot, “I don’t know, I don’t know what the kid was thinking. He had a good training camp, done some really good things, sat out some games because he made some mistakes early in the year, too many of the same mistakes and we talked to him, he’s matured. He’s 23-24 and wants to be an NHL player and that is what you have to do, when you get the opportunity to take a job, take it and that is what he’s done.”
  • Did Marchand say something across the line, “I have no idea. I’m at the other end of the bench, I got no clue.”
  • Were you surprised to see that, “Marchand is a great player in this league, but I have no idea what happened. I just see both of them get tossed out and I’m trying to coach the game to the end.”
  • On keeping the foot on the gas in the third, “I like it, that is what we talk about. You start sitting back in a shell against that top line over there, they are going to score a goal. You have to keep playing the same way, keep putting pucks behind them. I love, when we score the fourth goal and the next line out was the Strome line and I think Dryden Hunt had a good forecheck, kept them pinned in their zone and that is what you have to do, you can’t sit back and trap and say ‘we’ll play safe, you can’t play safe in the NHL.”
  • Do you like how Hunt has responded to moving up, “he played great, I was real happy with that line, everybody was good today.”