2021-22 Rangers

Updates from the Rangers on Tuesday

Greg McKegg has missed the last two days with what the team has called Covid-19 protocol-related absence.”

The lines continued to be (Walker):

  • Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanejad, Kaapo Kakko
  • Artemi Panarin, Ryan Strome, Dryden Hunt
  • Alexis Lafreniere, Filip Chytil, Julien Gauthier
  • Kevin Rooney, Barclay Goodrow, Ryan Reaves


Gerard Gallant spoke after practice and said (NYR):

  • With Hartford postponing games are you limited in your ability to call players up, “obviously, yeah. I just heard about the Hartford thing just a bit ago, definitely, but hopefully our regular lineup is going tomorrow, we will see what happens, but if we needed something down there it definitely hurts you for sure.”
  • On the Lafreniere, Chytil, Gauthier line, “they are skating, creating chances every game, ever since Fil came back we put them together and they played very well, I don’t know why or what, but I’m happy with how they are playing. Gauthier adds good speed with them and they are getting chances every game.”
  • On Fil and Gauthier’s speed, “Gauthier definitely is, obviously, there is good speed there and Fil can skate too. I think there are a lot of quick guys, but you can definitely see it in Gauthier’s game when he comes down the wing, he uses his speed a lot.”
  • Did you like seeing Gauthier pass the puck in Boston, “he’s getting the opportunity, and like we talked about, he’s getting more confident and sometimes you bury the head and go hard to the net, but he made a great play to Laffy on that goal and that stands out to you. He’s a talented hockey player and a good kid and he’s confident in his game and making those plays.”
  • What is Lafreniere’s role on that line, “play his game, shoot the puck when he gets the opportunity, I like what he’s done, he’s forechecked really well, working hard, just play an overall game.”
  • Is the physical part of his game evolving, “He’s a talented kid, there is a fine line, just go play the game and whatever arises, he showed up in that game, had some good body checks, I don’t want him standing up for teammates all the time like that, but in the right time and place, do it, that is what our team is all about and we talk about that with all of our players, not just him.”
  • On the team getting a kick of seeing Lafreniere do that, “for sure, that is being a team. It was the next shift on the ice and he went after him. We don’t encourage that, but when you stand up for your teammates it’s all about being a group and being a team and the players were definitely happy to see it.”
  • How do you utilize the time between games, “you rest your team and get your body back to normal, we had a busy, busy schedule, and starting tomorrow we get real busy again, but it was a good break, we had some good practice days, worked hard and try to get ready for the game because are starting to come they come at you pretty quick.”
  • Was there one area you wanted to focus on, “there was not really one, we always talk about the d-zone, but we worked on the PP a little yesterday, spent some time on that. Every day you touch on neutral zone forecheck or some regroups and stuff like that, we had three days to touch on some stuff and it was good.”
  • Is it nice to have a stretch of home games, “it’s definitely good. I think you get refreshed and you feel a lot better and we are going to Canada a couple of times, that makes it tough on you, but the last week or two we’ve been home pretty much and that is good for you.”
  • Is the problem with the Hartford team or the opponent, “I have no idea, I just found out walking down here.”
  • Are you looking at the standings yet, “I look at them everyday, but I don’t pay attention to them because they change so quick. We’ve played good hockey and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at the standings, they are in every team’s dressing room, so you see and look at them, but you can’t pay attention to them, you have to play the next game one at a time.”
  • Do the standings highlight how tough the division is, “definitely. That is what it is. You can’t take a week off, game off, you have to show up every night and try to get points, that is what we said from day one. We don’t worry about who we are playing or when we are playing or if it’s road or home, it’s trying to get two points every night.”
  • On the physicality in the division, “I don’t notice that, it doesn’t matter who you are playing, any given night someone throws a big check and you go into Boston the other day and it’s a physical and bumping game, but I just think it’s the league right now. Everyone is excited to play in front of fans again, it’s 20 games we played and it’s a physical game and there are some games where it’s back and forth high-end skill, any given night you don’t know what you are going to get.”