2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss in Florida

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the loss to the Panthers and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “real happy with the first two periods, obviously, I thought it was a good game, both teams were back and forth, good solid play from both teams. In the third we got away from it and made some mistakes and they ended up in the back of our net, but overall, for the first game, the fans got everything they wanted, two good teams playing, we never quit, we battled. It’s disappointing not to get a point or two out of here tonight, but overall it was good.”

  • What did you see on the Hajek penalty, “I thought it was a penalty, there is no doubt, I just asked about, I thought there should have been a call before that on their guy, but that is the only thing. I thought they did a good job, officiated the game real well, let the guys play, it was good.”
  • On having three defensemen on the ice for the 2-2 goal, “It wasn’t really confusion, they made a great shot. Libor comes on the ice, he plays as a low guy when he comes on as a defensemen and then he played net pocket and they made a pass to the point man, Hunt tried to block the shot and then it screened our goalie a little bit. I wouldn’t say it’s confusion, it was more like the right player couldn’t get on the ice. It’s nice if we had a centerman out there, but that is part of it, it happens, it’s almost like a PP goal.”
  • Does this fall into the 60-minute effort again, “the third period didn’t start real well, that 4-on-4 I thought we were a little loose and we just didn’t get our traction again after that. The second was the best period by far, for us, dominated and played really strong hockey and then the third we just didn’t seem to have the same energy we did in the second.”
  • Is it frustrating that it’s the second time it happened against this team, “no, we beat this time last time even though they came back.”
  • But on giving up the three goals, “no, not at all. They area  good hockey team over there, it was a good hockey game. They scored a nice goal, obviously Shesty would probably say he’d like that third one back, but it looked like, to me, it went off Fox’s stick or if it didn’t it disrupted him. I thought our team played good, we deserved a point, probably, and probably the same thing in the last game we played them, they probably deserved two points or one out of that building. It happens, but I’m happy with the way our team came out to play tonight.”
  • What did you think about Panarin’s between the legs goal, “good moves, talented move against a real good player. Sometimes they go in when you put the puck to the net. He played really well today, made some good plays.”