2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Vegas

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the loss to Vegas and said (NYR,MSG):

  • On things getting away in the second period, “Yea, loved our first 25 minutes, we competed hard, played hard, it was  1-1 game and then, from that point on, when they scored the second goal, it seemed like everything went the wrong way, we didn’t have the compete anymore, didn’t have the hard work. Real disappointing the last 35-minutes.”

  • Was there a letdown after the review of the 2-1 goal, “no, not a chance. Everybody knew it was a good goal, you are allowed to redirect the puck. We knew right away it was a good goal.”
  • You thought everything was good with that goal “100%”)
  • On being back in Vegas as visitor, “the players and I knew what to expect, it’s electric, a fun building to play in, they are going from the drop of the puck to the end of the game. Lots of fun for the home team and tonight we couldn’t keep them quiet.”
  • How did you play defensively, “we made a lot of mistakes. Like I said, the first 25-minutes we played a perfect game plan to come in here and try to beat this hockey team and after that it fell apart. We started turning pucks over at the blue line, started defending in our d-zone instead of playing, started giving them time like we were killing a penalty. When you let them go D-to-D and get pucks to the net and win battles, you are not going to beat that team. We just looked like we lost our legs for some reason.”
  • On switching up the defense pairs, “we tried shaking it up just to see if something happens.”
  • When did you get the word Shesterkin couldn’t play, “today.”
  • On Georgiev, “nothing he could have done, just too many shots and too much pressure around the net. Maybe you could say the fourth goal, maybe got tipped by our defenseman a little bit, but he was fine, we weren’t going to win that game if we kept playing like that the next three weeks. We had two shots in the third period, disappointing effort, but that happens sometimes.”
  • Does it hurt more that it happened here, “no, we played against a good team tonight. Obviously i would have liked to win tonight, coming back to this building and that. I was happy the first 25-minutes, I thought we played great and was real happy with the way the game was going to be, a 3-2 game for somebody and it’s too bad it fell apart on us. We will regroup.”
  • On turnovers in the neutral zone, “Big time, after the 25-miunte mark. I don’t know how many they had, but it was a lot. We kept putting the puck in the middle of the ice and we aren’t going to win like that.”
  • On losing Shesterkin again right after he came back, “Disappointing obviously, but what do you do? You move on, next man up, that is all you can do.”