Ryan Reaves

What Ryan Reaves said on the NHL Network today

Ryan Reaves was on the NHL Network earlier today and said the following about the Rangers:

  • On the season so far, “It’s been a roller coaster, getting traded from Vegas was obviously tough for me and coming here, the guys on this team, obviously Turk and Dru, they made me feel at home right away. I’m not going to say that I’ll ever forget Vegas, but it made me a lot more comfortable much quicker than I thought. One thing, before I got traded, I wanted to come to a team that was going to push for a Stanley Cup. I’m getting old, 35-years old now….I’ve achieved a lot in my career, more than I probably thought. I still haven’t got that scoring title yet, we are working on, but until I get that I want to win a Stanley Cup, I want it so bad just like every player, but my clock is ticking a little bit more than some of the other ones. We got a great group of guys, some really great young talent, you look at the leaders on this team, Kreids and Z and Troubs are playing out of their minds right now. Shesty is the best goalie in the league right now and I’m excited to see what this team can do in the final half of the season and into the playoffs.”

  • What do you have to work on in the second half as a team, “I think we need to learn to start burying some of these better teams. I think we’ve been playing good hockey against top teams in the division and around the league, but there is one period, ten minutes where we seem to struggle and lose the game a little bit. Those are important games. If you look at our record, we’ve been dominating the bottom half of the league, not so much the top yet, those are important games, especially because we are getting ready for playoffs and you are going to be playing those top teams and you’ve got to learn to play with the big boys and we know we are one of the big boys, but we gotta to learn to bury some of these teams when we are in games where we have the lead, coming back from behind against some of these teams with a lot of firepower, we just gotta buckle down a little bit more in those ones.”