2021-22 Rangers, Alexis Lafreniere

What Alexis Lafreniere said after scoring twice against Detroit

Alexis Lafreniere met with the media following his two goal performance against the Red Wings and said (NYR):

  • On the second goal, “I saw him kind of go down to block my shot and I just tried to make a move around him and I was at the net after, so I tried to go up with it and it went in. It was good to score there.”
  • On the crowd reaction to the second goal, “It was fun. They’ve been huge for us all year and it’s always fun to play here and to hear them. They were good again today.”

  • On his confidence level making that move on the second goal, “I felt pretty good, I think I played with a little more confidence, that is what I have to do more often and that is what I’ll try to do every night.”
  • What was the conversation like after you were told you weren’t playing on Wednesday, “it was fine, he just told me that he wanted to rest me and that I wasn’t playing my best hockey the last couple of games. It was fine, got to rest a little bit and felt good today.”
  • How did you approach today, “Just play my game, that is what I want to do, play with confidence, try to make plays and try to be responsible in our zone. Just feel the puck a little bit and make a couple of plays and after, just play.”
  • Do you see benefits to having the other night off, “Sure, I think I got to watch the game and watch the boys play and you see a lot of things up there. It was good for me to watch them from up there and see how we played, it was real good.”
  • How do you approach all the line switching, “we are so deep so it doesn’t matter what line you play on, you play with good players. Every time I go out there, it doesn’t matter with who, I try to play my game and be as good as I can.”
  • Is there any motivation that comes with moving up and down the lineup, “yea, sure. I think it’s just trying to play and whatever linemates, just don’t change my game.”