Andrew Copp

Rangers will reportedly “push hard” to re-sign Andrew Copp

On TSN, Darren Dreger said that the Rangers are going to “try as hard as possible” to sign Andrew Copp to a contract extension.

Dreger said “In Andrew Copp, talk about a chemistry experiment that has been highly successful, perfect fit with Artemi Panarin.”

He added “I’m told the New York Rangers are going to push hard, hard, to extend Andrew Copp and we can understand why.”


Copp is slated to be a UFA and has a cap hit of $3.64 million.

Adam Rotter: It makes sense, but it’s likely an either/or scenario with Copp or Ryan Strome. Copp has been a great fit, he’s a little younger and more versatile, but different kind of player than Strome. The Rangers certainly have a lot of time, and hopefully a lot of playoff games, before they make any decision.