2022 New York Rangers Playoffs

Rangers lose 3-1 in Game 6

First Period:

Second Period:

  • Ryan Lindgren (2) Unassisted
  • Mikhail Sergachev (1) Unassisted

Third Period:


  • Ondrej Palat (8) Assists: Mikhail Sergachev (5), Victor Hedman (12)
  • Brandon Hagel (2) Assists: Nikita Kucherov (15)

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Adam Rotter:

  • That was an incredibly disappointing end to the game and now the Rangers are on the verge of elimination again.
  • This game was pretty even and another slog-type of game. I thought that the Rangers looked tired again for most of this game, but they had a pretty good start, found some energy in the third period and had some chances, but couldn’t find a way to get ahead and get the win.
  • There weren’t a whole lot of chances either way in this game as both teams seemed more concerned with not making mistakes than trying to create offense. The Rangers only PP came because Igor Shesterkin forced a too many men on the ice penalty and with how the game was going it seemed like they were going to need that.
  • Did they deserve another PP or two? Probably, but the refs let them play and, with the Rangers even strength scoring issues, that ultimately worked against the Rangers.
  • I don’t think Igor Shesterkin saw either of the first two Tampa goals and so I can’t fault him for this. You expect him to make every save because that is what he’s done all year, but Tampa gets a lot of traffic around the net and what seemed like simple shots got by him.
  • Neither team had their top guys make a huge impact. Artemi Panarin had started to look a lot more like himself, but he couldn’t find a way to get that next goal.
  • Ryan Strome missed the open net on what could have been the winner. He still looks banged up to me and I’d love to point to that as the reason why he missed that open net, but if you are in the lineup, compromised or not, you need to execute and he didn’t.
  • Again, I think that everything from the past 40 days or so is catching up with the Rangers. It’s probably some of that and some of how Tampa has now started to defend that has zapped the Rangers or any sort of consistent flow or push offensively. Whatever energy reserves they have need to be tapped into on Saturday and they need to jump out early and do whatever they can to build up a lead. If there was someone with fresh legs to insert into the lineup, I would, but I don’t think Dryden Hunt stepping in for Kevin Rooney will move the needle all that much.
  • So is it over or is there a chance for Game 7? It would be wrong to count them out based on what they did all season and in the playoffs, but this isn’t a flawed, injured Penguins team and this isn’t a Carolina team that kept sending the Rangers to the PP and had their best players as no-shows. This is the two-time defending champs that know how to win. Can they do it and return to MSG for Game 7? Absolutely, but Igor Shesterkin will almost certainly need to pitch a shutout and someone, or 2-3-4-5 guys, will need to step up and find a way to break through.
  • It all comes down to Saturday. The Rangers, obviously, haven’t lost while facing elimination and if they can find a way to keep that going they can return home for Game 7. Otherwise, a fun, exciting season that exceeded almost any expectation will come to an end.