2022 New York Rangers Playoffs

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss in Game 5

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the Rangers loss in Game 5 and said (ESPN, MSG, NYR):

  • On the game, “I thought it was a pretty even game for the most part, I don’t know what the shots are, pretty close the last time I looked up. It was a defensive battle, not a whole lot of ice either way. We give up 2-3 2-on-1s. that was the only thing, but besides that it was a pretty sound hockey game.”

  • On the goals that were scored tonight, “screen goals, our two goals were screened, he didn’t see either one. I think ours was short-side, top-shelf that he didn’t see either. It was one of those games, a defensive battle and they come out on top with a goal late in the game.”
  • Do you think you overpassed a bit too much, “Honestly, I don’t remember a whole lot. There were a few, not nearly as many as we had earlier in the year, but then there were a few where we should have had the open net and it just jumped over our stick. I thought it was a good battle, they hit a couple of posts in the first period and I thought we had a couple of real good chances. Tough to lose like that at the end, but that is the way she goes.”
  • Do you think you deserved more than one PP, “I did. I really did. How about you? But, in saying that, I thought they did an excellent game, they let the teams play and that, but I thought we could have had a couple of more, no doubt.”
  • Do you feel the guys are pressing a bit now, “No, I thought we played a great game. The last game they played they really shut it down in the neutral zone, I thought we did a lot of good things with dump-ins, we played a sound hockey game and it’s tough to lose like that at the end, but it was a good hockey game, could have went either way.”
  • Do you think it was a penalty on Miller, “honestly, I didn’t look at it again. I didn’t think it was a penalty when it happened. Maybe when I look at it, maybe he touched his hands? I don’t know, but I didn’t think it was when it happened, but I didn’t look at it after.”
  • Any reason why the Kid Line didn’t play a lot, “No, not really, just the way I coached the game. He was trying to match up a little bit, but they played okay.”
  • Do you feel the team shouldn’t be hanging their head after tonight, “I feel, it’s tough tonight. A tough night, no doubt, but tomorrow we get on the airplane and we will be ready to play a game in Tampa Bay. It will be a battle, they are a good hockey team, that is why they are Stanley Cup champs and we have to go in there and play our best game and win a game and give ourselves a chance to have Game 7 back here.”
  • Is Tampa scoring late to win twice based on their Championship experience or just two plays in two games, “I really think it’s two plays, I really do. Not taking nothing away from that team, they played a great game the last two games. It was just a screened shot in front of the net and they got the traffic there and it went by Kreider’s leg up high and you don’t see it and it goes in the net. We’ve had a lot of those and it hits a defensemen or someone else, I don’t think it was a defensive mistake or nothing like that. Sometimes you get lucky and they got lucky.”
  • Do you feel you paid the price to win, “I thought it was an even game, I really did. Maybe you guys saw difference upstairs, I don’t know, but I thought it was an even game. I thought we played well enough to win and it didn’t go our way.”