2022 New York Rangers Playoffs

Updates from the Rangers on Friday

Gerard Gallant met with the media on Friday from Tampa Bay and said (NYR):

  • What more do you have to do get more scoring chances, “It’s from game to game. Last night, to me, was a coin toss. We played a good hockey game and they played a good hockey game. Some games are different, some games there is 20 good scoring chances and 15 for the other team and sometimes there are 6 or 7 or 8. There wasn’t a whole lot less night, they had to battle, but I liked the game last night. If we play that game again tomorrow I like our chances.”

  • Is this comeback attempt different because it’s Tampa and not Pitt or Carolina, “no, but they’ve won Championships and been pretty good teams themselves. It’s no different for us. What are we gonna say? It’s different, we’re playing the Stanley Cup champs? We’re going to come into the game and say we have to win, our backs are against the wall. Play your best game, nothing changes.”
  • On Rooney over Reaves, “I think you know that answer, you like a little speed for your lineup. I love Reavo, he does his job for us real good, we just wanted to change the lineup a little bit and a little bit more speed.”
  • Will you stick with that, “we’ll decide tomorrow.”
  • On Kreider, “Playoff are all about key guys stepping up. Kreids has, I don’t know, 62-goals, something like that, this year. He’s a big part of our offensive, but it’s all different offensive guys. You can’t rely on one guy or one line, it’s about the team and stepping up and scoring big goals like they did last night with a guy like Sergachev scoring that goal. Different guys will be different heroes every night. Do your job the best you can.”
  • Which veterans have been the leaders in the playoffs,
    “It hasn’t changed, Trouba, Kreider, all those guys, Goodrow, there is all kinds of leaders in there.”
  • What impact do those guys have in this situation, “we’ve been through it, so, don’t change your routine, prepare the same way, get your game ready to play the same type of game and keep going.”
  • How do you think Shesterkin is handling his responsibility in this situation, “I’m sure…he’s been a big, big part of our team all year long. He’s a candidate for the MVP, he’s a Vezina Trophy candidate. Obviously he’s been a big part of our group and he’s played really well, played good. Two pucks he didn’t see last night are the only ones that go by him. He’s got no different responsibility than anybody else. We don’t put pressure on him, I don’t go look at him and say ‘Igor you have to be the best player on the ice. He does his job every night.”
  • Are you considering changing your look tomorrow night to generate more at 5-on-5, “yea, definitely. (smile) You read my mind pretty good. (laugh)”
  • What about this team gives you the confidence to let you believe, “getting to know them for a year, seeing them do it all year long. It’s going to be a battle, tomorrow night is going to be a tough battle, but you get an opportunity to play in a Game 6 against Tampa Bay in their building and if you win that game you feel pretty good about going home. If you are fortunate enough to win that game, you are going to the Stanley Cup Final. I like where we are at, I wish we would have won last night and been up 3-2, but it is what it is. We’ve been there two times before, keep battling and playing and see what happens.”
  • In reviewing the game, did you see any obvious situations where they needed to shoot the puck, “There were 2 or 3, but I used to see them 10 times a game in the regular season. I think we’ve got more people around the net. I keep looking at the one with Strome, the pass with the open net and we just missed on that. Part of the game, you make your good plays and sometimes they don’t connect. That would have put us up 2-1 late, it happens, part of the game.”
  • What did you see from the Kid Line, “It was one of those games where there wasn’t a whole lot of ice, it wasn’t a wide open game. They didn’t give a lot, we didn’t give a whole lot, besides in the second period I thought we gave them a breakaway and a couple of 2-on-1s, overall it was a neutral zone game. Not a whole lot given up and a lot of blocked shots. They were fine, like the rest of our team.”
  • How important is it for the players to remember that these elimination games are fun, “I’m trying to do that, too. It wasn’t fun last night driving home, trust me…this morning you wake up, get back at it and say we got a big game tomorrow, we’re going to Tampa and then you say that you are in a pretty good position, there are three teams left in the NHL playoffs and we’re one of them. You gotta be happy with that and look at the bright side of it. You gotta get ready for another game and you can’t put your head down and worry about last night because then you are done.”
  • Is Sammy Blais a possibility, (winks) “He’s playing tomorrow (laughs)…no, he’s not a possibility for tomorrow.”
  • Do you yourself find it easy to move on from last night, “It’s gone now. You get on the plane at 12PM and that was it for last night. You move forward, review the game a little bit, obviously, and you get ready for the next one. You can’t carry that over.”