Nils Lundkvist

What the Rangers have reportedly been offered for Nils Lundkvist

Arthur Staple writes in The Athletic that the Rangers were offered a “high” second round pick in this past June’s draft for Nils Lundkvist.

Staple writes that the offer of a second round pick, but for the 2023 draft, is “still good” and that Lundkvist’s agent first requested a trade prior to the trade deadline last year. (The Athletic)

Lundkvist was the 28th overall pick in 2018.


The Rangers are trying to move Lundkvist before training camp starts.

Adam Rotter: Lundkvist may want to be moved before training camp, and the Rangers would probably like to have this situation behind them, but it’s very possible that a trade isn’t made until the middle or end of training camp. At some point, if a trade isn’t made, the Rangers will loan Lundkvist to a team in Sweden like they did with Vitali Kravtsov last year, but the Rangers control when that loan would take place.

The Rangers may find more willing trade partners as other teams go through camp, evaluate their young players and/or have their own young players want out because they are blocked in the lineup. I highly doubt Lundkvist is the only young player in the league looking for a change or a better opportunity and maybe the Rangers can find a fit with one of those teams.

It makes sense that the Rangers want a young player in exchange for Lundkvist, but at some point they have to ask themselves whether holding onto Lundkvist has more value or trying to extract at least two picks has more value come the trade deadline? The Rangers have believed Lundkvist has a lot of value otherwise they would have moved him at the deadline last year eor for that pick they were offered. But would he have more value at the deadline or would, potentially, a second and third round pick? Lundkvist could only be used in one trade at the deadline, but the picks could be used separately to upgrade.