2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Detroit

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the Rangers win over Detroit and said (MSG):

  • Was having the Dads the key to the offense, “I guess so. They had the pre-game speech and announced the lineups, so we’ll do that all the time. Might cost us a little more money traveling with them…”

  • What was it with the offense, “I think we played a real good two periods, it was a pretty even hockey game for two periods and played well and in the third period we got some pucks that went in and were around the net a little bit more and so we took it to them and it kept going in. It’s great for us to have a period like that, but I was more happy with how we played the game from start to finish.”
  • How important was it for the team to have that offensive performance, “Definitely going to help, but it’s got to carry over to the next game. We did some good things, we can show some great clips, the guys saw it on the bench, we put people at the net, people went to the net and had some opportunities. It’s one period and we got six goals, so you gotta keep doing that consistently and, again, I’m more happy with the game, the first two periods, the third period was obviously the big offensive output, but I thought we played great hockey.”
  • How special is it for the players to have their dads on the trip, “They are real excited. It’s fun, we get here to Detroit last night and everybody is smiling and happy and good atmosphere, loose atmosphere, but when your dads are in the stands and watching you play you want to play real hard and I think that is what guys did tonight, they brought an extra effort.”
  • On getting scoring from unexpected sources, “it’s all about team. We always talk about 23 guys on your roster being important for you and it’s great when those guys chip in and work hard, they had a real solid game tonight. Makes the coach feel good when you see different guys scoring goals that don’t score every night.”