Gerard Gallant

What James Dolan may be looking for more of from Gerard Gallant

12/6/22 | Kaplan wrote at ESPN that Dolan is looking for Gallant to take “more accountability for the team’s recent swoon.”

12/3/22 | On ESPN on Friday, prior to the loss to Ottawa, Emily Kaplan spoke about Gerard Gallant and said “there has been a lot of speculation about the New York Rangers and I don’t believe anything is imminent now, but I do know that the owner Jim Dolan is paying close attention to Gerard Gallant.”

She added “I believe that he would like for him to show more accountability.”


Gallant is in the second-year of what is believed to be a four-year deal that pays Gallant $3.5 million per season.

He was fired in the middle of his third season in both Florida and Vegas.

Possible candidates that could replace Gallant include Rick Tocchet, who interviewed twice when Gallant was hired, former Islanders coach Barry Trotz, Hartford coach Kris Knoblauch, Mike Babcock and Joel Quenneville.

Adam Rotter: My guess is that Gerard Gallant will get all of this season. He didn’t suddenly forget how to coach after last season and it’s not necessarily on him that Igor Shesterkin isn’t making those 2-3 extra saves per game, but their lack of consistency, struggles at 5-on-5 and blown leads fall under him. The Rangers had big expectations after last season both for on-ice success and the financial benefit that that success and a long playoff run would bring.

Gallant, at least in press conferences, seems like he is trying to be more accountable in saying that this isn’t all on the players, it’s on the coaches too, but it’s almost impossible to know exactly what James Dolan is looking to see more of…other than wins and consistency on the ice.

Then there is the idea of replacing Gallant and that would have to be a short list that includes Stanley Cup Champion on it. Barry Trotz would bring structure and experience in the division, but it’s almost impossible to see the Islanders granting permission to the Rangers, who they could see in the playoffs, to hire him in-season. Trotz would have to be an offseason hire and so, likely, would Joel Quenneville. Quenneville needs to be reinstated by Gary Bettman and that is something Bettman said, back in June, that he isn’t sure he would do. Babcock has been out of the league since being fired by Toronto and he brings all sorts of baggage, but some thing that he might get one more chance. These all seem like offseason moves, so saving the season will likely have to come from the current coaching staff and Gallant.