Patrick Kane

Jake Leschyshyn to be placed on waivers

1:55 PM: Today was the last day the Rangers could waive and then send down Leschyshyn if the only roster moves made for Kane are to send Leschyshyn down and move Kravtsov on deadline day for Kane. (Puck Pedia)

1:46 PM: The Rangers will place Jake Leschyshyn on waivers at 2 PM. (Dreger, Friedman)

Leschyshyn was claimed on waivers from Vegas earlier in the season and he has a cap hit of $766,667.


The Rangers need to place Leschyshyn on waivers in order to begin clearing cap space to acquire Patrick Kane.

Adam Rotter: We’ll see what happens with Leschyshyn and whether he clears or not tomorrow. He’s young and cost controlled at around the league minimum for the next two seasons, so it wouldn’t be a shock if he gets claimed tomorrow. Best case is that he clears, gets sent down and can be a useful depth piece moving forward, but this isn’t about fourth line depth, this move is all about Patrick Kane.