Patrick Kane

The latest on Patrick Kane and the Rangers on Saturday

9PM: On Hockey Night in Canada, Elliotte Friedman said “you can see the way that this is trending. Today he will not play against the San Jose Sharks, he went home to Chicago, but I think the other thing here that really stands out is the Rangers have begun the moves to clear the cap. Jake Leschyshyn put on waivers and Kravtsov traded to Vancouver, these were moves that people suspected the Rangers wouldn’t make unless they knew that we were moving in this particular direction. But as we’ve seen, nothing is done until it’s done and as of right now there is nothing official about Kane and the Rangers.”

He added “the other thing that occurred here is that I don’t think they were in position to make this trade for cap reasons before at least Tuesday, however, Ryan Lindgren was unfortunately injured today and hopefully this isn’t the case, but if has to go on the long-term injury list, they could potentially do this as soon as tomorrow. We will see how this all plays out, but certainly the motions seem to be Kane, the Rangers and Blackhawks working on something.”


5:24 PM: The Rangers reportedly won’t be trading a first round pick for Kane. (The Athletic)

3:05 PM: The Rangers are trading Kravtsov to Vancouver and if Leschyshyn is claimed on waivers and/or sent down to tomorrow, the Rangers could accrue enough space to acquire Kane on March 1st. (Puck Pedia)

2:30 PM: Kane has left the Blackhawks and returns to Chicago. (Dreger)

2:01 PM: The Rangers and Blackhawks continue to “work on the structure” of a potential trade for Kane. (LeBrun)

1:59 PM: Kane won’t play for Chicago today. (LeBrun, Friedman)

1:43 PM: Leschyshyn is expected to be on waivers at 2PM. (Dreger)

1:12 PM: Darren Dreger says that he “would be surprised” if the Rangers  don’t have someone placed on waivers at 2PM.

12:31 PM: Emily Kaplan said on ABC that “there is mutual interest between Patrick Kane and the Rangers and there is momentum, it’s just not finalized yet. Basically the Rangers wanted to add one high-end winger at the trade deadline and they chose Vladimir Tarasenko over Patrick Kane and Kane did not want to take no for an answer, so behind the scenes he pushed to go to his preferred destination, New York. Patrick Kane holds the cards with a no-movement clause, Chicago management also promised Kane that they would do right by him, so he can come to Chicago and say that New York is the only team he wants to go to and that significantly decreases the asking price so much that Chris Drury said that it was something he had to explore. In the last 24-hours Chris Drury has been identifying a third party team that can take 50% of %50 of Patrick Kane’s salary, they are also looking to move some roster players to clear cap space. We’ll see if they can get this finalized, if not, Patrick Kane will go to another one of the many suitors that are looking for him or he’ll go to Chicago and say that he doesn’t want to be traded at all.”

12:29 PM: Kravtsov and Leschyshyn are scratched again for “roster management reasons.”

11:46 AM: Elliotte Friedman tweets things are “grinding towards a conclusion” and that the “last 24 hours or so has been about lining up everything from cap situation to third-party trade partners to roster machinations to Kane’s approval.”

9:50 AM: Scott Powers tweets that from what he is hearing, Kane is only considering the Rangers.