Patrick Kane

What Patrick Kane said on Thursday

1:36 PM: Patrick Kane spoke today and said (NYR):

  • What has this all been like for you, “obviously a whirlwind past week here and I think just excited now to get to the rink and meet everyone and be around the team and get things going.”

  • How tough was it to mentally come to grips that you are leaving Chicago, “definitely you go back in forth in your head a bunch of times about what is right, I just feel like this is such an amazing opportunity with what they have going on here in NY and the option was still there to possibly make a move. Obviously it wasn’t the easiest decision, but just really excited to be here with this team and the amount of skill and good players, it’s just another chance to make a run. Felt like it would be a good experience, get out of my comfort zone a little bit and be able to play for a different franchise, different team. They have a great team here and it’s coming into a great situation.”
  • What is it like to be wearing stuff that isn’t Chicago, “it’s different, you have to get used to it. It kind of reminds me when you go play for Team USA at the World Championships or Olympics, you are putting on different equipment and different gear, trying to get used to it, but always coming back to the Blackhawks gear. It’s a little bit different this time around, but this is an Original Six franchise, storied franchise, an amazing building to play and they have great fans, so it’s exciting too.”
  • What are your emotions going to be tonight, “I’m not sure, I guess we’ll see. Definitely a little bit nervous, probably more nervous than I’ve been for a regular season game in a long time, but I think that is good, I’m pretty excited about it.”
  • When did you realize it’s still a possibility, “I don’t know, I”m not sure the timeframe, when they said it could be a possibility that obviously got me excited again and I know they’ve, I kind of feel bad, the guys have been playing short here for a while just to bring me in. Hopefully it’s worth it in the long run, definitely happy they were still able to move some money around and make it work, happy to be here.”
  • What have you learned playing against the Rangers, “I just think they are a great team, obviously they had a great run last year, seems like expectations are pretty high around here this year as well. I think it’s a good thing, I think it’s good to have those expectations and people thinking you are going to win. Just excited to be here and join a team that has accomplished so much.”
  • What does it take to win and do you think you can teach some of those guys what it takes, “I don’t know, I feel like they’ve been doing pretty good here for a long time, they just need to get over that next step, next hurdle, hopefully I can help with that for sure. Excited to play not just like Panarin, Kreider and Zibanejad, but the young guys too. They have that youthful enthusiasm and excitement about playing the game still, hopefully rub off them a little bit.”
  • What is your relationship with Panarin, “I think just, today is the first day I’ve seen him in a long time and just being able to be around him and hang out with him, he’s a fun guy to be around and definitely missed that over the past 5-6-7 years, whatever it’s been. I think just today picked up where we left off, hopefully it’s the same on the ice, it may not go as smooth as everyone thinks it’s going to go, I’m sure there’ll be some bumps in the road. Hopefully in due time we can figure it out.”
  • What was your reaction to Jalen Brunson wearing your jersey yesterday, “it was pretty cool. I went to the practice facility yesterday and his dad was in there and Jalen Facetimed his dad and he put me on the phone, so it was good, I was talking to him for a little bit and he said that he was looking forward to coming to a game and vice/versa, I’d love to go to a Knicks game and support him as well. It seems like, just the energy in the city, throughout the organization is at a pretty big high right now, excited to be part of that.”
  • Was Panarin one of the reasons you wanted to come here, “Yea, for sure. I think the success we had was obviously short-lived, for only two years, definitely excited to play with him again, but you know, it’s not just him, there are a lot of great players here. I think you play with any of these forwards, excited to be out there with any of those guys, there’s so many good players I think the roster is so deep as far as having four lines and the d corps and in net as well. It doesn’t matter who you play with here, but for sure excited to play with him again.”
  • On not playing with Jonathan Toews anymore, “It’s weird. Been together for so many years, I know he hasn’t really been around the team lately, but probably won’t feel as normal as it usually does. We’ve had 16 years together, it was a great run. It’s going to be weird not being around him.”
  • Are you surprised that it came to this, “I don’t know, I guess there are a bunch of different steps along the way that led to it. I think they are in a different situation now, they are rebuilding and trying to collect assets and that is just the way it is and the situation we are in. It’s never really real until it happens and then once it happens it starts getting very real. I’m just excited for the experience, the opportunity, the chance to play with a different organization, different players and  just excited about it all.”
  • What was it liked watching the Rangers last night, “Just trying to pick up on little things they’re doing systematically and on the PP, stuff like that. But I just think watching last night that they really took over the game as the game went on and you can tell they are just a far superior team that who they were playing. Excited to join that group.”
  • What would it mean to bring the Rangers their first Stanley Cup since 1994, “It would be amazing. Obviously I’m here for the experience and to play with good players and for the organization, but really, when it comes down to it you are here to win, that is what it’s all about.”
  • What are you looking forward to about playing with some of the young players, “Just that youthful enthusiasm, these guys are high picks and have had great careers so far. You look at a guy like Chytil and he’s really taken off this year, he’s having a great season, really respect the way that Lafreniere and Kakko play, they play a physical, grinding style of play for high picks, you don’t really see that too often. Excited to learn from these guys too, I think the young guys coming up are so good nowadays, so excited to take a couple of things from them too.”
  • Is your Dad going to be here tonight, “no, my sister actually had a baby yesterday….I think he was trying to find a way to get out of maybe meeting the baby and coming down to watch the game, but I think he made the right decision in staying back.”
  • Do you see an opportunity to stay here behind this season, “To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it. Just take it one step at a time here, excited to be here now.”
  • What is it like to call MSG your home, “Looking forward to playing a lot of games here. It’s obviously a game that you look at on the schedule and you know you only have one here a year when you’re with Chicago. That game is pretty exciting, looking forward to being on the other side and playing in front of the home crowd.”
  • What was it like grappling with your decision to pick the Rangers, “It was just a team that was on my radar for a long time and I think sometimes comments get overblown a little bit. It wasn’t like I was extremely mad about the situation when they made the move for Tarasenko, it just didn’t seem like it was in the cards to still be an option for me. Now I’m obviously very happy they made that move and both of us are here. I’m excited to play with Vladi, I think he’s an amazing player and I’m happy we’re both on the same side.”