2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Toronto

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the loss to Toronto and said (NYR/MSG):

  • On the end of the season, “Like I said, I’m proud of the guys the way they played the last 10 games after clinching and knowing where were at and probably, the last 5-6 games knowing we’re going to finish in third place. They battled hard and played hard and played the way we want. We’re healthy, so that is the main thing getting through that stretch. Tonight was not much contact, but some skill out there, some nice plays, a lot of good stuff. Happy the way we finished.”

  • On the Devils, “that is what I thought for quite a while. It’ll be a great series. Two skilled teams that know each other pretty well and it should be a good battle.”
  • Have you thought about the Devils in the playoffs, “I think that when you really looked at it, the game we went in there and lost 2-1, it was sort of…because all three teams were winning and all three teams are real good teams, Carolina, ourself and the Devils and we lost that game 2-1 that put them up 5? I’m not sure, but it was a big stretch…we knew we’d win some games, but you knew they were going to win games too. At that time I sort of thought that, but the last couple of days I said that you never know the way things are going. It’s a good matchup, two real good teams, they had an outstanding year, Lindy did a great job with them and they are a young team with a lot of talent and skill and they play the game the right way.”
  • What is the biggest challenge they present, “we played them four times this year and I think they won three out of the four, good hockey games, close hockey games, all of them. They present a challenge, they are a talented team, they can score goals, they are a young team, but a skilled team and a talented team and they create a lot and some of their guys took big steps like our young guys. I think it’s going to be a great series.”
  • Are they the fastest team you’ve faced this year, “they are amongst them, for sure. Quick, quick team.”
  • Do you think it helps that you won’t have to travel much, “It’s not far to go, that is a good thing and helps both teams and whatever team gets out of it will be rested again. We’ll see what happens, I don’t think that is a big factor.”