2023 New York Rangers Playoffs

Rangers will face the Devils in the first round

The Rangers will face the Devils in the first round of the playoffs.

The Rangers were 1-2-1 against the Devils in the regular season, scoring 11 goals and allowing 14.


Adam Rotter: This is what we’ve expected for a while, but now it’s official and for real. The Devils are going to be a challenge. They are inexperienced, but so were the Rangers last year. The Devils are fast and the Rangers can’t feed into that by turning pucks over and trying to force or make plays that aren’t there. The Rangers have the advantage in goal and, at least on paper, would seem to have a deeper team, but they are going to be tough to contain offensively.

This is a different playoff for the Rangers than last year. There are expectations and not just to win one or two rounds. This team was constructed to compete for and win the Stanley Cup. Are they capable? Yes, but it’s going to be an enormously tough task and first up is New Jersey.